13 July 2009

An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away...

So much for the traditional apple doing the trick! It seems that the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, and in particular the office in Sheffield, has determined that rather than an apple a day being the key to good health that an orgasm is just as good for you (story here and here).

Now, the benefits of orgasm according to a brochure produced by the NHS include, among others, improved cardiovascular health. Generally, a healthy and frequent sex life is a key to excellent overall health.

The brochure is somewhat controversial because it is directed at school-age children, and in essence tells children that they have a right to a healthy sex life. This begs the question of whether there is a possibility that students will now think it is better not to give their teachers an apple.

The brochure is also controversial because it seems to take the focus of the developed lines of argument advocating safe sex to concentrating on the main reason people have sex anyway, enjoyment. I guess how much fun is depends on your experience and the experiences themselves. I am sure there are those that do not consider sex to be fun.

On the safe sex front, the brochure does, apparently, advocate self-gratification, or masturbation, as a means of beneficial sexual activity. This is not to say that masturbation is safe sex. If you enjoy it too much then there is always the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

The NHS document, Pleasure, includes a catchy slogan, "An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away".

I actually think that the brochure is a good idea, and this is even when I put my father hat on and think about how I would feel if it was Will that was being given this brochure. I am a firm believer in the idea that if people, and this includes children, are to make informed decisions, then they have to be informed.

Keeping on the orgasm theme, here is a classic clip from the film "When Harry Met Sally".


Unknown said...

That's a good news, although I don't agree if it is meant to be for children.

Rob Baiton said...


What's good news? That an orgasm is as good for you as an apple?

The NHS pamphlet/brochure/leaflet is for school-aged children.