25 July 2009

Is Barack Obama A US Citizen?

Some people just cannot get over the fact that they and their fellow country men and women have elected a black president. This has given birth to something known as the "birther movement". This movement has gained the support of some members of congress who are looking to table a bill, the birther bill, in Congress that would require all candidates for the presidency of the United States of America to provide a birth certificate before being permitted to run.

The whole idea that Barack Obama is not a US citizen is absurd. However, it was one of those things that are great fun to watch. This is in spite of the fact that it is just too bizarre and you cannot help but think that those getting on this band wagon are the proverbial "sandwich short of a picnic basket". It also has the feel of being too bizarre that it just cannot be true, one giant hoax. Even so, it is, as I said, fun to watch.

And, if it is to be funny, then who better than Jon Stewart of The Daily Show on Comedy Central to do it. I am still laughing as I write this post.

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lawman said...

The jury whisperer. A jolly good Charles Waterstreet read dating back to May 09. Did you read it? Did you ever see a Bryne SC in court in Indonesia? And please dont say Hotman P.

I wonder if Indonesia would be better off with good defence lawyers. Dont you think they would be commandeered by the rich?

Oh, and to add some relevance to this comment, I dont think Obama will need a lawyer for this one.

Rob Baiton said...


Cannot remember whether I have or not. So, I am guessing not, because if it was a jolly good read then I would remember, right?

Nope, never saw an Australian do their thing in an Indonesian court (except for me of course).

Indonesia has plenty of good defense lawyers. Commandeered by the rich? Simple economics of a user pays system. If you have the money you want the best, and more to the point you can afford the best.

Not really relevant for Barack Obama. Whether he will need a lawyer or not is irrelevant. If he does, then he has the Office of the White House Counsel at his beck and call (or is it disposal). If not, whatever!

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