29 July 2009

Noordin M. Top Claims Recent Jakarta Bombings

Noordin M. Top has allegedly signed off on an internet message that was posted on behalf of Top. As has been suspected, Top claims the bombings on behalf of a splinter group linked to Jemaah Islamiyya (or Jemaah Islamiyah), Tandzim al-Qaeda.

Interestingly, the message claims that the American business community, and presumably anyone remotely associated with that community, for stealing Indonesia's natural resources. Therefore, this would give some credence to the idea that James Castle's round table breakfast function was in fact the intended target and not a target of opportunity.

The message was written in Arabic and Indonesian. It was posted on Sunday to a website that had not be known previously, Bushro. Top and his band of terrorists have only claimed one previous Indonesian bombing, and by all accounts it seems that this message is in much the same manner as the previous claim. The previous claim of responsibility related to bombings in Bali in 2005.

Whether the claim is legitimate and issued on the orders of Top remain to be seen and investigated more fully. I have recently heard that some experts are starting to question its authenticity as it contains some errors. These experts are questioning the authenticity because Top is a renowned perfectionist. Time will tell I guess.

The note mentions some of Top's closest confidants that have been killed by anti-terror forces during the pursuit of Top. However, these confidants were killed in 2005 and 2006, so this suggests that the planning and execution of the plan were a long-time in the making. So long in fact that it has been reported that the police had intelligence to suggest that a bombing was a possibility.

Noordin M. Top is Southeast Asia's most wanted terrorist. He hails from Malaysia but has honed his bombing skills in Indonesia. He has become a real merchant of death in that he is allegedly responsible for the killing of almost 250 people since his bombing spree started.

The sooner anti-terrorism forces catch this man the better. Otherwise, Indonesians can be assured of one thing; he will continue to build bombs designed to kill as many people as he can for as long as he can. He, and his group, might be targeting foreigners, but history shows he is not adverse to killing Indonesians as acceptable collateral damage in the pursuit of his goals.

Violence is not the answer. It will never resolve our differences and it will never allow us to move forward to a place where we all live in peace and harmony with one another. People of all faiths must denounce violence as a legitimate means to an end; violence is not legitimate and it never ends.


lawgy said...

He must have the accent down pat. And speak Javanese to boot?

anong said...

I saw what you wrote over at J's. I am wondering if and when certain bloggers (not you) and even Metro Mad's weekly, might run into defamation problems.

The only problem I seem to run into is infantilism. Is that a defence for defamation?

Rob Baiton said...


Maybe he does. Never met the man myself, so I cannot honestly say! But, it is either that or there is some loyalty towards him from his followers. Maybe it is a bit of both.

The woman that the police allege is his wife here offered up that she knows him as someone else but that he does have a striking resemblance to the photos she was shown.

So, there you go.


At J's or at Spruiked? I wrote more over at Spruiked I think. I would hazard a guess that there are two issues at play; naming of names and whether those named give a rat's arse (or even know / care) about what is written in a blog about them?

There are plenty of people who are defamed and just cannot be bothered to do anything about it. Defamation really requires the defamed part to pick up the ball and run with it.

Mate, the infantilism is a little harsh. Just because you do not agree with the opinions of others, for example the repeating of the 72 virgins thing (generally it appears in the comments :D), soes not mean that it it not a point of discussion.

Further, just because it might not be mentioned explicitly in reports of the ICG or by Sidney Jones on a talk show does not mean that it has not been discussed or debated. I agree that it is not the main issue and does not serve to explain the motivations or rationale for the violence as a whole.

The promise for many suicide bombers and wanna be suicide bombers is getting on the fast track to paradise.

Back to infantilism as a defense for defamation. Perhaps it is. Maybe the argument would be that it is a psychological condition that prevents one from understanding the seriousness of defamation or that it is a breach of a prevailing law.

It would be worth a shot.

anong said...

Personally, I think J might be in a cranky mood lately. Hope all solves itself - it's my living making comments. Don't want to be banned.

Regards the eight times nine matter; I think I read somewhere that this in not a certain promise, and like everything in Islam, has an interesting interpretation. But Im in no hurry to learn about it, mind.

Rob Baiton said...


Maybe. You will have to ask J about his mood. I have not had the pleasure of sitting down with him for sometime.

You can make a living out of comments? Sounds like a choice little gig!

I would have thought as a professional commenter (or is it commentator) that it would be of benefit to you to learn as much as you can about the subject matter that you intend to comment on. If you are not so into learning about the 8 x 9 and the varied interpretations of it, then why bring it up in the first place?

Professional baiter as well? :D

By the way, I do not ban people nor do I delete comments (even if they are really questionable). I tend not to delete comments unless requested by the author. People are free to delete their own comments (blogger allows this).

I think people should respond to the truly offensive and show that there are those of us out there in cyberland that do not accept those opinions and are willing to argue against them in a reasoned manner.

anong said...

All points taken. As for not doing my homework, well its hard enough making up the questions!!

What I would hope for in the B'osphere is a vibrant enough population of commentariat that could quickly whip up a reliable response or provide a link to questions raised. I would think the original blogger might be spared some of this. Indonmatters raises issues and seems to sit back and let it all wash out...??

Rob Baiton said...


That is Patung's style, and it would seem that he has plenty of willing participants to "let it all wash out".

If you have quality concern issues then feel free to be the standard setter ;)

I generally try and address the issues raised by all my commenters and where necessary provide links.

anong said...

And we appreciate it.

Furthermore I note Brett's offer as one of sincere appreciation,

But I wonder where we go from here with Blog literature?

Rob Baiton said...


Just going back to the 8 x 9 issue. This in itself suggests that you have done a little more research than you confess to. Do you care to elaborate with some links?

Where we go from here. It really depends on what it is you want from blogging and the experience.

I generally blog to amuse myself (vent, rage, rail, communicate the little stuff) and if I amuse anyone else into the bargain, then that is icing on the cake.

I find people who do not maintain a blog, but anonymously do the rounds commenting on other people's blogs an interesting phenomena.

It is in many ways a built in series of checks and balances. Ultimately, bloggers cannot write whatever they want and simply leave it as is. Simply, sooner or later and anonymous commenter will wander by and challenge us on what has been written.

Sometimes, these are worthy and sometimes they are just trolls looking to cause some grief and waste some time.

It is a hard question to answer. It might depend on the technology. Maybe from here the technology changes. Maybe people start recording video commentary or something instead of just jotting down personal notes on blogspot or wordpress or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Let's see where Brett's ideas take things. HIs talk of yellow pages behind Facebook (I have even seen the front page) and his recent offer to you. Let him try to create another medium, another literacy.

I feel that blogging is reaching the end of its tether. I mean bloggers comment on the news and them commentators comment on the bloggers and then other commentators comment on them.

I think one of jakartass's frustrations is that he doesnt, or is not in a position, to break news?

anong said...

On another tack I attended a seminar today by ex CEO of Mandiri and Garuda; ex Niaga and Citi. Man of about 75. He spoke for about 45mins. His implored new managers and educators to build up social capital.

Is that breaking news?

Rob Baiton said...


As always. I prefer my anonymous commenters to adopt a pen name so that I can distinguish them one from the other.

Brett's offer was an interesting one. Yes, I am just a commenter on the news in that sense. However, with respect to both the Prita and Manohara cases there is a degree of analysis in the commentary.

I agree it is not news, and perhaps it is not new or novel, as there are likely many others out there doing the same or a similar thing. However, as I have said many times, my blog and the posts that I make are as much about amusing myself by venting, ranting, railing, or whatever (usually or whatever). If by some chance I amuse someone else or they find what I have to say worthwhile or interesting, then that is just the icing on the cake.

I do not know that blogging or blogspot has reached the end of its tether or usefulness.

Yes, blogging is very much about commenting and passing judgment on the news broken by others. That is why bloggers of this category have limited appeal and limited readership.

In contrast, blogs that develop into websites that break news are excellent money spinners. For example, Perez Hilton does very well as a breaker of entertainment news. Or Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post fame.

On the Jakartass front. You will have to ask him if this is one of his frustrations. I do not know and I am not going to be drawn on the issue. :D

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Comments are always appreciated.

Rob Baiton said...


If you report it then it is news.Is it breaking news? Depends on what this learned man of 75 said or was saying.

Nevertheless, after you report it, I will pick it up in my blog, if the issue of social capital interests me, and then comment on it. Then others will swing by, and if social capital gets their creative juices flowing then they might be inclined to comment on my comment.

To me this is just a written discussion, rather than a face-to-face on. This format has validity as it is a legitimate means of communicating and discussing ideas.

oigal said...

From a personal point of view, the Stump enjoys the to and fro of robust, sometimes silly sometimes serious debate.

Strange as it may seem (particularly with the Stump) commentators sometimes do make you re-think your whole perspective (not often mind)but even a good debate enriches all.

Having said that, just because I 100% disagree with a position doesn't mean it cannot be fun to wade in. The is a very leftist blog in Australia and each and every time I wade in, I return bruised, bloodied and beaten as bloody place inhabitated by some very clever people.

The down side is the number of people who take things so personally and resort to threats both subtle and no so subtle, shows a lack of maturity and invairiably a weak position in te first place

Rob Baiton said...


Which / whose leftist blog?

It is fun to wade in, if for no other reason than to see whether you can escape the fray without being too badly battered and beaten.

It is interesting how it gets personal, isn't it? On the whole that has not happened here. I am guessing you are referring to places like Indonesia Matters :D

Although, and thankfully I do not have them here, trolls would get a little tiresome.

scrump said...

Sorry, what exactly is a troll? is it someone who attacks the blogger rather than the blog?

oigal said...

Hi Rob,

No not here..To quote some little noise somewhere your blog is too HI BROW :-) to provide a good feeding for trolls (although I have notice some troll germination taking place :-)...)

The Leftist Blog..try http://larvatusprodeo.net/ it's actually a not bad read for a bunch of tax payer funded trough feeders.. :-).

Anyone who is offended by what is said about things and people on Indo Blogs should go and get an education (And I aint saying I agree with them but I do like they way they do business) Of course, don't forget to innoculate yourself on the ay out with a visit to Andrew Bolts blog..

In fact, I don't mind the trolls, lets be honest I do ask for it. Its just sad when it gets beyond trolling and into threats (although thats when I award myslef the gold sta for having won the debate.)

oigal said...


"is it someone who attacks the blogger rather than the blog"

Certainly not, if fact I encourage it but of course that means two things...I have won the agruement put forward and secondly you had better come armed with a sense of humour and the ability to take over the top personal bollocking in return with running away with cry baby references to defamation or physical threat.

Rob Baiton said...


A Google search will reveal all about trolls. Or, if it is to much of a hassle, then just follow this link:



I will check them out later today.

Trolls are generally a fun read and always add some flavour to any topic.

I did say tiresome, and perhaps I should clarify. A lot of the trolls that I have run into are very much the one pony show on repeat. There is nothing new and it is the same tripe rehashed over and over again. That is tiresome.

scrump said...

So a troll is a wimp among other things, with not many ideas. But not really a pest though?

.....someone who asks too many questions??

I feel the the Q and A thing is under-rated. I feel that only without questions (from others and oneself) do we get anywhere.

Ill check Rob's link. oh, btw is a troll also an impolite person?

Rob Baiton said...


I think this whole troll discussion is off topic :D

Check out the link. It is a Wikipedia explanation, but it is the simplest I have seen to date.

I would not have thought that trolling was a simple Q & A deal.

Impolite would not have been my word of choice for trolls.

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