22 May 2008

Wolf Whistling - An Appropriate Response?

Nah, this is a story out of New Zealand and it does not involve sheep or rugby!

The story involves and Israeli tourist and some New Zealand road workers who couldn't help themselves from giving a wolf whistle or two as this obviously good looking young tourist walked past their place of work.

It would seem that the tourist has been in NZ for a while and has been subjected to the whistles over a period of time. Perhaps this is a lesson in when enough is enough.

Anyway, after being whistled at on her way to the ATM presumably to draw some cash, she decided the best way to give these fellas a lesson was to strip off all her gear and give them an eyeful of what they were really whistling at.

Once she drew her cash she apparently put her gear back on and went on her merry way! Well, at least she would have if she had not been detained by the police.

Lucky for her she was just given a warning and told that this was inappropriate behaviour in NZ. I would have figured it probably would have been inappropriate behaviour in Israel too! That's just me though!


Finally Woken said...

It didn't say the whistlers' reaction after seeing her stripped naked. Did they stop whistling and started drooling? Did they pass out due to much pressure from their brains down to you-know-where?

Not saying that I'd try the trick, as Aberdeen might be too cold to even show my bare toes...

Rob Baiton said...


It does not say and I have not done any further Internet surfing to find out if there is any follow-up on this story!

I guess it is left to the imaginatoin of the readers as to what happened next, at least with respect to the whistlers.

I would have thought though that it might of been a little bit more towards the encouraging them further angle than stopping them in their tracks kind of stuff.

Yep, Aberdeen may indeed be a little chilly for such a display of defiance :D