22 May 2008

Missing My Dogs & Sleep

I have been having trouble sleeping of late and I do not think it has anything to do with increased stress at work (although this probably should be a problem)!

I think that my "problem" is that I am so used to having two dogs sleeping on the bed and for the last six months or so one dog that both the better half and I miss the company! I am also missing going for the nightly walks and the barking when some one comes to the gate or the running round like a headless chicken when the local kids are letting off the fire crackers as they regularly do!

The beauty of pets, and particularly dogs, is that they are great listeners and you can talk to them without fear of being judged or getting an earful of this is what you should or shouldn't do! I am sure that my dogs of past and future will continue to be repositories of my greatest secrets and sounding boards for my stupidity.

If we were not seriously considering going back to Australia at the end of the year we would probably have already bought another dog.

I have never been a big believer in God or all things religious but I would like to think that my dogs, Chockie and Unyil, are together again and enjoying each other's company and looking after each other like they always did.

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Polar Bear said...

I know the feeling. I lost both my dogs (black Lab and Border Collie) in my divorce. I moved to an apartment in the city, my wife kept the house so it made sense. But missed them. I found myself going for walks without them, just because i had doen it every night for years,