06 May 2008

Thoughts about Pistachios and Taxis

It is 23.30 and I am sitting in the office for no other reason than I cannot get a frackin' taxi! That is the way it goes in Jakarta when it rains (or in this case it is pissing down like cats & dogs)! So, what is a fella to do than read the blogs and munch away on the pistachios?

So, I have been catching up with my fellow bloggers by reading and commenting on their blogs...These are just a few of the blogs you should visit:

Green Stump
Rima Fauzi
Carl Parkes
Finally Woken
Indonesia Matters

Interesting one and all!

While I have been taking care of blog business. I have been munching away on the pistachios and wondering why they are so damn expensive. I could probably do the research myself but for the fact I am to frackin' lazy! By the way frackin' is my new word (too much Battlestar Galactica)...

On an aside...my blog ranking seems to be moving north and I am not sure why? It is strange because the hit counter statistics thing that I am using suggests that my visitor numbers a plummeting and I should by all reckoning be becoming less popular (if there is such a thing when you are already unpopular)...Argh, the crazy world of cyber space math!


GJ said...

Hi Rob

On the Surf "Odyssey" (I like that word)we were munching on some Pistachios, the owner had picked up the rather large plastic jar in Giant supermarket for 50,000. They were Giant "homebrand". If these are the ones you were eating and think they're expensive, you're in for a big shock back in Oz!!!!


rimafauzi said...

pistachios are expensive. i'd sooner munch on other kinds of nuts than spend 10 euros on a bag of pistachios.

battlestar galactica rocks. even better than enterprise. i swear, i think starbucks is the twelfth skinjob, but enough with the frackin' speculation, i'm gonna get ready for work.

Finally Woken said...

2 words: macadamia and ojek. Problem's solved :)

Rob Baiton said...


I am guessing I am in for a shock in a much more general sense as I have not been "home" for 4 or more years! No, I bought my nuts at Sogo and they were Californian pistachios...


Not going anywhere near what nuts you "munch" in preference to pistachios...I think that about 10 Euros sounds like what I might have paid here!


Macadamias are my fave but sometimes it is difficult to get good quaity macadamias here (even in Sogo and other places)...as for the ojek, I thought about it (and I usually take ojek everywhere) but it was still pissing down and I was not in the mood for a drenching!

Thanks all!

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