26 May 2008

Cannabis Tokyo Customs

Here is one for the WTF file or more politely know as the 'are you kidding me' file!

It appears over this past weekend that a training exercise for sniffer dogs at Tokyo's Narita Airport has gone a little bit wrong. Customs in their infinite wisdom slipped a bag of the wacky weed into an unsuspecting air travellers bag on that persons arrival from Hong Kong.

The idea is that the sniffer dogs would be deployed and they would find the dope, a shocked but relieved passenger would then have the whole exercise explained to them, and then all and sundry would go on their respective merry little ways.

Unfortunately, for customs and the sniffer dogs the bag was lost. So, somewhere in Tokyo there is a very confused, and perhaps happy, traveller who has opened their luggage to find themselves a bag of green. Let's hope it is a traveller that knows what to do with it! And that would obviously be to return it to a concerned Tokyo Customs office at Narita Airport.


GJ said...


This is real scary shit!!! Just imagine the one day layover in HK then flying off to somewhere else with better sniffer dogs. Presto banged up for a few years, it would do my head in!!!!!!


Rob Baiton said...

Or Bali and doing 20 years!