10 May 2008

Naked Ambition

I do not recall being in the first grade of primary school and looking at my teacher and thinking how hot she was been. To be perfectly honest I cannot even remember if my teacher was a woman or not! I could probably ask my Ma or Pa for the answer on that one because it is something they probably remember...I guess therein lies the point, my parents were probably more interested in my teachers than I was!

This brings me to the substance of this post. It seems a teacher, Lynne Tziolas (who just happens to be married to a fella 21 years her senior -- that is for all you who think us white fellas only come to Indonesia to score younger women that we cannot score at home for whatever reason!), posed for a women's magazine in her birthday suit in an embrace with her husband. The naked embrace does not seem all that sexual despite the nakedness.

This happy snappy has landed poor Ms. Tziolas in a tonne of trouble. She has been dismissed from her position presumably because the photo sets a bad example for 7-year olds. The reality is she was dismissed because of complaints from "several" parents. My question is what were the parents doing buying a woman's magazine with a sealed section to get a squiz at this photos anyway? Let's face it if there is a bad example here isn't it with the parents buying the magazine and leaving it around the house where the kiddies can see? After all it is not like Ms. Tziolas secured a couple of hundred copies of the mag and was leaving them all around school for the kiddies to see!

When it is all said and done any inappropriate sexual comments or pictures in a sealed section of a magazine that is directed to adult females hardly seems a breach of a reasonable code of conduct. The chances of any of her grade one students getting a copy of the mag is if one of their parents buy a copy of it! Quite simply a first grader cannot walk into a newsagent and pick up a copy of Cleo and read it nor are they likely to buy one. I never recall my pocket money being enough to buy magazines and as I recall I was more interested in lollies and if anything I kept the fella that owned the corner shop in business!

So, cutting to the chase...this is another example of the Department of Education going overboard in the sense of taking a wrecking ball to a sand castle. I hope that Ms. Tziolas gets her temporary teaching job back. I would have thought that with a looming teacher shortage that the Department might be looking to recruit more teachers and keep the ones that they have. My opinion on this might be different if Ms. Tziolas had a full time second job as a porn star but if the news is correct then this is nothing more than a one off pose in a magazine -- the punishment does not fit the supposed breach of the code!


rimafauzi said...

she could model instead, or be an actress. she sure doesn't look like any teacher I know, and I should know, I was an English teacher once.

Rob Baiton said...

Hey Rima...

I had not thought about alternative employment for the young woman! I was just thinking that it was stupid that she was fired for what is nothing more than a pretty tame naked picture and some comments on sex.

The reality is that most of her students are not going to be buying the mag. It really is just a case of hypocritical jealous parents who did not get asked to have the happy snappy taken and then to make a few comments about their probably less than stellar sex lives.

As I said, I cannot even remember who my first grade teacher was, and that is not a reflectionon them but on my somewhat "couldn't care less attitude".

By the way...what time is it in praline land?

rimafauzi said...

we are 6 hours apart. at the moment it's is 17.31 here and 23.31 there.

about her profession suggestion, i'm just sayin' she looks great, maybe too great to be a teacher.
probably the mothers of her pupils were a bit afraid she might catch the eyes of their husbands, or they are simply jealous of her/her sex life, like you said.

the world is filled with people with eyes green with envy.. :)

Rob Baiton said...

Gotta agree she looks like she could be doing other things if the teaching gig does not work out!

GJ said...

Rob, Rima; in career choices talent has to play a part. If not I would be a rock and roll singer starring in many movies, much like Elvis without the hamburgers. Maybe she is just a great teacher.
For the life of me I can not understand her being dismissed, surely the 7 years weren't reading the mag!! If they were the parents need to be dismissed.
Seems stupid decisions are made worldwide!!!!!

Rob Baiton said...

Agreed...always reminds me of Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as Stupid does!"

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