10 May 2008

Unyil -- My Dog!

It has been a while between dog posts, so it is probably time for another dog post!

Unyil is a bitzer! That is a bit of everything for those of you not familiar with the term! She is a dog with an unknow heritage. She is probably not an orphan but more likely forcibly removed at birth from a loving mother and sold into the dog trafficking trade! However, she lucked out in a sense because she ended up with us as doting parents and a life a little more luxurious than might have otherwise been!

Yet, speaking of luxury and consistent with the plan to return to Australia at the end of the year, Unyil is about to become a very expensive dog! The money paid to the vet to keep her well pales into insignificance compared to the costs of quarantine. I am sure that the Australian government has perfectly legitimate reasons for demanding quarantine time however because Unyil would be entering into Australian from Indonesia there are some specific rules to be followed.

Dogs cannot be directly imported into Australia from Indonesia. This is good for Singapore because the entrepneurial spirit is alive and well. A dog coming to Australia from Indonesia must do six months quarantine in an approved third country (Singapore is an approved third country) and then a further 1 month in Australia. If the word rort comes to mind you might not be alone in this way of thinking. Hey, it is not Singapore's fault but they might be able to make some good cash out of this! The six months in Singapore will set us back about SGD 4,500 and the final month in Australia about AUD 1000. There are doggie airfares to be added on top of this too! All in all it is going to be an expensive more home!

So, unless the meeting with my bosses goes particularly well this afternoon then I better start saving!

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