16 May 2008

Prom Night

Prom night has never been a tradition in Australia in the way it is a tradition in the US. We, Australians, have the end of year "formal" which is sometimes a slap-up affair. Yet, I just have never felt that it has taken on the same "coming of age" importance that it has in the US.

However, this is a post about wanting to attract attention and push the limits of school dress codes to the absolute limits. In this story out of Houston, Texas, the limits of fashion seem to have been pushed let alone the school's dress code!

The dress might be a bit of a fashion crime but handcuffing the young lady and dragging her off to the cop shop seems a bit extreme!

I am guessing the dress (can you call it a dress?) turned a few heads, particularly those testosterone charged teenagers that would have not been able to help themselves from donning the old beer goggles at their senior prom!

A prom to remember!


Therry said...

She looks like she's off to cast as one of the female figures in some rap music clip! lol

Rob Baiton said...

Iya! It does a bit, doesn't it?

I guess this is one way to ensure you get noticed on your afternoon walk in the park!