21 May 2008

Todung Mulya Lubis - Part II

I have been reading around as I do when there is a story that interests me! The TML story is one that interests me for a number of reasons. But prominent among these is that the decision to disbar the man seems excessive and it seems political and it sets a bad precedent. The decision has the hallmarks of a hatchet job...at least TML seems to agree with an assessment such as this one!

This is what TML is quoted as saying to the Asia Sentinel:

In a telephone interview with Asia Sentinel, Mulya Lubis called the decision “totally baseless and unlawful” and said he has little hope of winning an appeal.

“For me this is a conspiracy of corrupt lawyers who feel troubled and disturbed by my stand to play by the rules and consistently fight against corruption,” he said. “The judgment is outrageous and has killed my life, violated my right to practice law, and defied common sense and justice. I will appeal, but I am losing hope in the integrity of the Bar Association. The legal profession is rotten.”

The decision although a ban for life and in spite of the fact that TML himself feels like there is little hope on appeal, I have a sneaky suspicion that he will not be lost forever to the legal profession either here or Indonesia. If PERADI is seen to be too political and too concerned with vested interests, then it is going to come under pressure to either reform or be pushed aside.

There is a new advocates association in the making with a preliminary congress style meeting to be held in the very near future. So, perhaps this might not be the end after all for TML.

Anyone interested in this topic of ethics and ethical violations by Indonesian lawyers only need do a Google search to find that there are lawyers still practicing in Indonesia who have been alleged to have committed as serious, if not more serious, violations of the code of ethics...If you cannot find it on Google then drop me a note and I will drop some names for you to search for!

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