30 May 2008

Termites -- Rockers of the Ages

Did you know that termites eat through wood two times faster when they are listening to rock music?
Well, if you did not know this, now you do!

So, next time you are sitting in front of the old laptop hammering away on the keyboard with the rock music turned up loud you should be afraid, very afraid, because you are contributing to your own news story of the person crushed by the falling ceiling!

Therefore, for your own sake do not contribute to the delinquency of those little punk rocker termites!

It is too bad I do not have the photo-shopping skills of my blogging colleague Dilligaf because then I could have dressed these little termites up into some real punk rockers. His site is highly recommended not only for the artwork but for the man's personal and unique take on the happenings in this part of the world.


the writer said...

Has there been any research on termite speed in relation with dangdut music, then? Because I know that my parents' "tukang" love to listen to dangdut music while working :)

Rob Baiton said...

Dangdut Rock maybe! :D

I wonder if there has been any research done on this!

Sounds like a PhD thesis to me!

cornerofhope said...

I think every person ought to read it.