25 May 2008

Patrick Swayze

I am sure people are somewhat confused when they drop by this blog and see that it is a little about nothing and a lot about all things. This was the point in starting the blog in the first place; somewhere to store random thoughts and musings about anything in my sphere of existence that interested or intrigued me.

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer at the beginning of this year. Any sentence that includes cancer and advanced is not a sentence you want to hear. At the time, news reports were suggesting that the actor had mere weeks to live. However, as we head towards the end of May the bloke is battling on. The prognosis is still not good apparently, but as with anything else and irrespective of whether you are sick or not, you take each day as it comes and live that day.

Swayze is always likely to be most remembered for his starring roles in the film Ghost and Dirty Dancing. However, I always remember him in the mini-series North and South which was the film adaption of John Jakes' book (actually a trilogy). This is probably because I am into historical fiction and have a fascination with the US Civil War (that is another post though).

Anyway, Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi are scheduled to celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary on 12 June. Here is hoping that he makes it to then. Nevertheless, friends of Swayze are reportedly saying that there is not much time left in this world for him and that doctors are saying that despite the treatment regime, once the cancer reaches his brain he has just two weeks to live.

Keep fighting on!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

He might be a bit like my Dad he is still kicking after Bowel, liver, lung and now prostrate cancer. I think attitude really counts.


Rob Baiton said...


Sorry to hear that about your old man!

Yeah, I think attitude counts! The will and desire to live is a powerful emotive force.

So, is the acceptance of the disease and a recognition that it is out of your control.

This does not presuppose the finding of faith or a belief in God, it might be as simple as accepting that nature will take its course.

At this point I think you find an inner peace with yourself which drives you to live each day as it comes, your stress levels drop, and your enjoyment of life increases. I found this to be the case with both my grandfather and my Nan!