25 May 2008

Travel Warnings for Jakarta

The United States has lifted its eight year old travel warning for Indonesia. The US Ambassador to Indonesia, Cameron Hume, cited an improved security situation, the lack of recent bombings, and a weakened Jemaah Islamiyya.

I would reckon that this is more than just a case of Indonesia making a request to lift the travel warning. My guess is that the US would have independent intelligence that indicates that there is in fact an improved and continuing to improve security climate in Indonesia.

Hopefully this does not breed complacency.

The picture of the US Ambassador was borrowed from the US Embassy in Jakarta website.


Simon Pitchforth said...

Americans always brick it with these travel warnings. Run away!!!

Rob Baiton said...

It is always good when a friend to the stars drops by :D

Yeah, they usually do don't they! Well, I guess we will soon find out if they have gotten any better at it!

GJ said...

Hi Rob,
A US Embassy contact told me that the greatest influence comes from the Embassador himself. Being the decision is made here and not imposed or overruled in Washington.
Apparently the guy lives a pretty normal life considering his status. I have seen him at the Ritz Carlton for Sunday brunch a few weeks back.

Cheers GJ