20 May 2008


These cartoons are sure to offend someone and they are not even of the Prophet Muhammad or that other Prophet, Jesus...For the others who read this and check out these cartoons they might even put a smile on your dial!

This is also a reason I should not be on holidays even when it is a national holiday. I should just go to the office and pretend to be inspired to be working. Simply, holidays means too much time to be surfing the Internet for cartoons like this...enjoy!

All cartoons were sourced from this site via this one.

Ummmm...goes without saying, doesn't it?

Friends like these? Open house...

Selfish or what?

Never really liked Reese's and now I know why!

See Mum! Experimentation with drugs and alcohol can have positive outcomes too!

Argh...does this remind you of anyone?

I might have even eaten Rice Bubbles (brand in Australia) if this had been their marketing campaign when I was a kid!

Is it time for a good waxing?

1 comment:

Rob Baiton said...

I thought these cartoons were really funny! Must be my warped sense of humor or something...

I am surprised that no one has found them funny enough or offensive enough to comment on!