09 May 2008

Off Your Head

Out of Texas comes a report that a couple of fellas decided to get off their heads by making a bong out of a real human skull and polished of a few cones! The picture is stolen off the Internet somewhere! This post has the potential for some really bad puns -- such as this story gives a new meaning to getting off your face or losing your head!

Strangely enough this abuse of a corpse is a misdemeanor offense so they two fellas involved are likely only to get a slap on the wrist and probably be warned to not go digging up any other graves to create drug paraphernalia. I would reckon a nice long femur would make an excellent peace pipe to smoke the old wacky weed with your friends.

Apparently the skull came from a grave in an abandoned cemetery, not that this makes it OK, somewhere out in the bush. The investigations are continuing to try and determine whose skull was used to make the bong!

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