30 July 2010

Sinta and Jojo -- Nobody

I figured I would look around on YouTube and see what else these two celebrities in the making have been doing in their spare time aside from studying (apparently they are students in Bandung somewhere). Judging by the views that these videos are getting on YouTube, and the fact that they have already made it to TV having been interviewed, and one of them has been granted a full university scholarship, it would seem that uploading a few videos lip-synching has been well worth the effort. Quite simply these girls are no longer nobodies but somebodies.

However, it was nice to read that these girls seem to be fairly well grounded. It seems their YouTube fame has inspired offers to record an album and star in a sinetron (Indonesian Soap Opera), but these offers were turned down with the girls stating that they have no singing or acting talent whatsoever. Perhaps Manohara should have thought about that because hot having any talent was not something that stopped her from starring in a sinetron.

It is funny how the world works, innit?


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