12 July 2010

Ariel and Miyabi (and Luna Maya and Cut Tari -- Possibilities)...

No, no, no!

It is not what you are thinking or what you are hoping for. There is no new tape of Ariel and Miyabi to add to the "Ariel Does Everyone He Can" collection. This is a story about Ariel getting some support from someone all to familiar with the attitudes of some Indonesians to sex and sex tapes, particularly for celebrities. Although, to be fair, Miyabi (aka Maria Ozawa) makes making sex tapes her professional calling. As far as I can tell, Ariel is still an amateur film maker and producer learning the trade.

If you want to read about Miyabi and her exploits, or lack thereof, in Indonesia, then I suggest you use the search feature for this blog. There are plenty of posts and plenty of photos, happy hunting. If you want to read a little about Ariel and his sex-capades then you will find most of them have been posted this month, so just look in the right hand column under 'July 2010', happy hunting there as well.

This post includes some 'safe' screencaps of some of the sex tapes out there at the moment. They are available over at Asia One.

Now, according to Miyabi, the moral police should not be judging Ariel or his exploits too harshly. In fact, she has used Twitter and 'tweeted' that people should not judge a book by its cover. I am not sure what she means by that, but perhaps she is referring to Ariel's sexual prowess and abilities as highlighted rather explicitly on the tapes. Or she might be referring to something else.

The best part about the Miyabi tweets is that she has expressed an interest in getting to know Ariel better. So, it seems that if things do not work out in Indonesia, there seems to be an opening in Japan that Ariel might be able to fill (no pun intended). Miyabi does think that Ariel is handsome and that "his girls" are good looking. This does sound like it has potential for a major film!


Unknown said...

Hi Rob,
Ariel with Miyabi? I think it would be great. Lol

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

The mind boggles :D

My guess is that it would be a hit in Indonesia. From a business perspective it is sure to be a really big money spinner.

I reckon Miyabi would be up for it. The real question is would Ariel be up for it (no pun intended)?

Unknown said...

Hello Rob,
A new career in sakura land with Miyabi won't be too hard I suppose apart from learning Japanese...that too will not involve much dialog LOL.

Rob Baiton said...


This is your first comment, right?

Thanks for dropping by and leaving one. Comments are always appreciated.

I am guessing the language of "love" is universal :)

I would imagine a porn career is a hard one (no pun intended). The pressure to constantly be at the ready and ready to perform is probably a challenge.

But, in any event, I am not sure that Ariel will be heading that way. It was just amusing that Miyabi seemingly alluded to such a possibility.

Unknown said...


Rob Baiton said...

@ Ruth...


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