09 July 2010

Luna Maya & Cut Tari -- Apologies Made...

The case of Indonesia's first ever celebrity sex tape will not die. Perhaps this is an indication of the Indonesian public's insatiable appetite for all things celebrity, particularly gossip. Then again, it might just be a coordinated attempt by some unknown puppet master designed to keep more pressing and important issues out of the press and out of the minds of most Indonesians. Nevertheless, this is not a post on conspiracy theories or even gossip.

Luna Maya and Cut Tari, the two female stars in the sex tape cases to date have both made public apologies in separate news conferences. What is interesting is that neither admitted to being in the tapes. Both Luna Maya and Cut Tari focused on apologising for the harm that being linked to this scandal has done to their respective families and to their fans.

In essence, Luna Maya (photo from happier times?) apologised to all and sundry. She concluded by hoping that no one would be left worse of by the shenanigans associated with this juicy scandal. To be honest, it is hard to see how this is possible. After all, those involved will be forever associated with the scandal and no matter what the outcome it is something that they will carry with them until their end of days. Funnily enough Luna Maya refers to the news as being unpleasant. I guess that depends on where you are standing, or sitting, as the news was not all that unpleasant for some, I am sure. Judging by the amount of news and other coverage of the events there are seemingly plenty of people still following the events as they unfold.

Cut Tari focused much of her apology on her husband and family. A special mention was given to her husband for standing by her in her time of need. She also indicated that she was leaving the matter in the hands of her lawyer and the national police to sort out. Her lawyer is the noted Indonesian celebrity lawyer, and celebrity in his own right, Hotman Paris.

For Cut Tari there is added intrigue as it would seem that doctors associated with the case are suggesting that they have the necessary evidence to prove that the woman in the second video is Cut Tari. This is presumably based on physical characteristics. I would also be guessing that digital forensic technology has been used here in the form of multi-point comparisons. The sort of fun stuff that you see on CSI when they do fingerprint searches or multi-point facial recognition tests. Otherwise, the certainty is seemingly based on the naked eye (no pun intended) and in this day and age a positive identification might be a little premature.

In any event, it would seem that this case still has a ways to go yet.

Some additional happy snappies of Luna and Cut...


Unknown said...

Hi Rob,
In his statements to reporters, Hotman Paris blamed Ariel's team led by lawyer OC Kaligis as being "carried away" in handling the case. After that time people suspect that Hotman is planning to ask Cut Tary's confession or apology.
And today, the police have named Cut Tary and Luna Maya suspects.

Rob Baiton said...


You beat me to a postscript :D

I was going to make note of the recent declaration by the police.


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