20 July 2010

Re-Worked Rupiah...

With so many pressing and important matters to deal with in Indonesia, the government has gone straight to the biggest and most pressing of those issues, the currency. The government has decided that there is a need for a new IDR 1000 coin and a new colour scheme for the IDR 10,000 note.

The coin is a nickel coated steel deal with the Garuda symbol on one side and Gedung Sate with an angklung in the foreground on the flip side.

The colour scheme on the note was so 1990s that the government felt the note needed a little sprucing up and decided on a colour change.

Seriously though, there must have been a real important reason for doing this. Is it a new and improved security measure?


Unknown said...

Hi Rob,
As far as I know, most of the 10.000 notes and 1.000 coins are still in good condition. I don't see any logical reason to make the changes at this present moment. Wasting time and money.

отели в барселоне said...

This won't have effect in reality, that's exactly what I think.