30 September 2008

Executions in the Air

The chance of an imminent execution for Amrozi, Samudera, and Mukhlas or as they are better known the Bali Bombers sentenced to death for their role in the first Bali Bombings, has seen an influx of journalists to Nusakambangan. The list of journalists includes both local and foreign journalists. This sudden influx has meant that accommodation is scarce on the island.

To date some 120 or so journalists have made the trip to get some coverage of what is expected to be these three mass murderer's final Lebaran. It is expected that the necessary paperwork will be finalized over the coming days and the firing squad will be assembled.


Polar Bear said...

The Japanese still have the death penalty. In a typically cruel Japanese way, prisoners are held for years, then without warning, are hung at dawn. Every day they wake up, they do not know if they will be dead within minutes.

Families do not know until after the execution.

The typical stay on death row is between five and seven years; a quarter of the prisoners have been on death row for over ten years.

I have a friend who is serving life for murder. She supports the death penalty…..

Rob Baiton said...


Haven't done as much research on the manner in which the Japanese conduct executions as perhaps I should have.

Although, Wikipedia is always a good introductory source for such information.

fxhawaii said...

I read really much useful data here!