01 October 2008

Knife Crime

What better way to start the ball rolling in October than with a post about knife crime in London and an x-ray image of a 16-year-old kid with a knife in his head.

The amazing thing is that the boy survived! This happened in November last year but the police are only now releasing the graphic image as a means to warn about knife crime.

The stabbing was the end result of a robbery at a supermarket in Southwark in London. The knife entered the kid's head just above the eye and ended up as far back as his ear.

The person that stabbed this kid was also a 17-year-old kid. He has since been tried and convicted of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm. I am guessing there is not much dispute on the grievous bodily harm charge as just looking at the x-ray shows that it is pretty grievous. I am figuring that there cannot be too much dispute on the attempted murder charge either as you do not normally want to stab people in the face just above the eye to warn them off.

The police have said that the releasing of the image is part of a wider campaign to crack down on knife and gun violence in London.

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