27 September 2008

Jusuf Kalla and the Toyota Prius Hybrid

The Vice President, Jusuf Kalla, was in West Cikarang (West Java) on 4 September to open a Toyota Spare Parts Center. Kalla was invited by PT Toyota Astra Motor to do the honors and was given a new Toyota Prius hybrid car for agreeing to step up and do the opening.

It has been suggested that this was only a symbolic gesture. However, considering the latest spate of corruption arrests it is better to play it safe than to be sorry later.

Kalla to his credit reported the "gift" to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). It is an interesting gift to get. However, in his report to the KPK Kalla was unequivocal that the car would not be for his private use. This kind of seems obvious as he could easily afford to buy one or two anyway. I am not sure that Toyotas are his cars of choice anyway.

I wonder what PT Toyota Astra Motor was thinking when the decision was made to give the Veep a car for opening a spare parts center?

Is the Veep's decision to report the car a sign of the changing times?


tere616 said...

LOL... the cost of that car compare to what he got during Soeharto's era, not even 1/3 of what he got in the past.

I also wondering why TAM have to give JK a car during opening spare parts center ? Or maybe TAM want to show their Green program with the spare parts center (which there's no correlation at all).

Brett said...

The Prius is just what this country needs - I would buy one in a flash!

therry said...

Or maybe he's just being cautious that the KPK will accuse him of corruption, so he tries to beat them to it?

I think it's a good sign that government officials are slightly more paranoid about corruption.

Let's put the fear in them.

Rob Baiton said...


Maybe it was a spare parts center just for the Prius?



I couldn't afford to buy one in a flash :D


Definitely being cautious and hopefully this is a sing of increasing fear that sooner or later the KPK will catch you.

It might just be a case of political point scoring in the lead up to an election.