03 September 2008

Twisted & Bitter

I am an unhappy trooper today! I am pretty busy but felt like I should write this particular post as an animal lover and a pet owner!

This follows on from the moving house piece. After my two dogs were poisoned the better half and I seemed to be adopted by a cat. It kept coming around and we kept feeding it and as cats are prone to do it kept coming back. So, we named it and thought the right thing to do would be to bring it with us to our new place.

The cat (aka Smudges) was a little bit confused in his new surroundings and meowed a lot at the top of his little lungs. The little fella is as gentle as can be and wouldn't harm a fly. It is not interested in anything remotely violent. He is but a kitten and spends his time amusing himself playing with string and other little trinkety, shiny objects.

As I was leaving this morning for work Smudges was sitting on the fence having a little bit of a wail to himself when my new next door neighbour brought out his air rifle and shot poor little Smudges off the fence. I was heading over to the fence to lift the little fella down so I am not too happy that my cat was shot and I am not happy that if I had been a little quicker I might have copped a little pellet as well. The puss scampered off, I could tell that it was hit but I do not know how bad as I have not been able to locate him.

I am going to photograph my next door neighbours house and my neighbour and then post his picture and address. The neighbour is an Indonesian of Chinese ancestry, I am not sure that this makes any difference to what transpired but he did suggest that he was operating under a different set of rules. I am sure this is a breach of Internet etiquette and myriad of other etiquettes, but whatever, an abuser of animals is an abuser of animals and deserves to be outed!

This bloke has a really big house and is obviously loaded. He has no birds or anything else that apparently need protecting from a little cat. His reason when I confronted him was that he hates cats and he has permission from some bloke to shoot and kill cats. A little bit of research uncovered that the name he gave for the permission giver is a resident, but one who is neither the RT, RW, or the coordinator for security. I am not sure whether it is worth following up and lodging an official complaint, but I did nearly jump the fence and tear the bastard a new arsehole.

I have absolutely no respect for wankers who kill family pets for fun. Smudges is but a poor defenseless little cat up against a grown man with a rifle. The outcome should probably never have been in doubt.


Anonymous said...

That's a real sicko shooting your cat like that! Perhaps it's a good idea to lock the pets inside in order to avoid maniacs with gun like that.

..and you said your dogs were poisoned too???? *sigh*

Brett said...

This is UNVELIEVABLE. I suggest you immediately go door-to-door asking your (non-Chinese) Indonesian neighbours if they have seen your cat, and explain in great detail how your neighbour (describe in detail where he lives - take the photo with you) shot your poor harmless kitten. It would be a good idea if you have a photo of the kitten as well and I would embellish the story a bit - perhaps you saved the kitten's mother and delivered the kitten and his brothers and sisters, then hand-nursed them because the mother died in child birth. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES mention your dogs.

If you have a kampung near-by, even better. Make sure you emphasize he is Chinese. Take a pile of photos to hand out.

By week's end I guarantee your neighbour will be gone and his house burned to the ground.

In Islam, harming ANY animal is not good. Harming a cat is even worse. Cats were the Prophet's favourite animal and have a special place.

All humour aside, I am truly horrified. I have two cats and both Awan and I think they're just the bee's knees.

Anonymous said...

....and about his identity being Indonesian with Chinese ancestry, I am quite surprised that he has the guts to behave like that. We usually tend to keep things down because we're an easy target for anything wrong that (might) happen in the community.

Anonymous said...

@brett: Now that's a racist comment. Emphasizing that he is Chinese so that his house is burned to the ground?

Sick bastards are everywhere, but you're taking advantage of his racial thing. What if I tell my neighbours in DK that some Muslim teenagers steal my bike? I am sure tons of racist Danes would burn the Muslim house to the ground as well. What do you say?

Anonymous said...

@brett: Or do you suggest that Rob's neighbour's daughter should be raped too like what happened in May 1998? I notice that you're a bule (from your website - I don't care how derogatory that term might sound to your ears) and I am very surprised to see that you just think like the narrow minded locals

Rob Baiton said...

Writer One...

A cat needs to be outdoors at least some of the time. I don't think that I should have to lock my pets away to avoid the psycho clowns that inhabit the place.

Moving the psychos and making them accountable for their actions is my thing.

I raised the Chinese thing because most people I have met are not like this bloke. If he had been Manadoese or Javanese or whaterever-ese, I probably would have made a note of it! I was not trying to highlight anything in particular by raising it and hence the question of whether it was relevant or not.

He had this real smug look on his face like he was not only [roud of what he was doing but that he could do it with impunity!


The Chinese Indonesian was not raised to start a debate on race. And I did think twice about putting it in but only because of the likelihood that it could detract from the fact that someone shot my cat!

I think the bloke is a dickhead and even if he was an Australian I would still think the bloke to be a dickhead!

To both of you...

I don't think the point is to debate race.

I have moved from a house where we were sandwiched between a couple of Batak families and had Javanese neighbours over the back and we had no problems with them nor any complaints about the cat.

I raised race more within the framework of whether or not this fella has a cultural aversion to cats or is he just an example of a sick bastard in the more general sense?

Writer One, I think Brett's point is one that if I was so inclined I could use this to stir the pot with consequences that I would not be able to control once I let the genie out of the bag.

That said, it would be no different in the Danish example of an attack on Muslims.

So, yep, I agree that there are sick bastards everywhere.

I am not condoning violence and suggesting it as the option to resolve this. Although, I must say the thought of kicking this clown in the nuts and then kneeing him in the face as he crumpled over in pain did cross my mind.

Anonymous said...

brett said: If you have a kampung near-by, even better. Make sure you emphasize he is Chinese. Take a pile of photos to hand out.
By week's end I guarantee your neighbour will be gone and his house burned to the ground.

Now, isn't this even worse--suggesting an anarchy action? And you mentioned about "in Islam harming animal is not good", and yet you're suggesting other to harm a human being...isn't such comment is humiliating yourself--and further--humiliating fellow Muslim??

I am a Muslim, and I will never suggest anyone to harm animal NOR human. Just think before comment, please, or you'll end up embarrassing yourself!

Anonymous said...

Rob, I must admit that I am very disturbed with brett's comment here mainly because I am an Indonesian with Chinese ancestry and I have been exposed to many horrible things during my period living there that might be started by petty things like this.

I have written my own post about this matter and I must also admit that I have sent an email regarding this matter to the mailing list of my previous office in Jakarta to show how some people could justify attacking other people on the basis of racial background and that's what has happened to me, my family and other people who sit in the same side of the road like me for years in Indonesia.

I do however advise you to contact your neighbours, RT, RW; lurah, camat, or the police about that sicko maniac with guns. He needs to be taught on how to treat other people and animals

Rob Baiton said...

Dear All...

Here's the deal! Read my previous comments to get a feel for what has been said.

Brett's point is an interesting one in that it highlights how someone with the desire to do so can manipulate a situation for whatever purpose.

I am not and do not advocate violence. Never have, never will! That said I can see where people are coming from when they advocate an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

I cannot imagine and nor do I claim to do so, to understand the suffering of Indonesian Chinese during May 1998 or at any time before or since that time.

I am not belittling the sufferings of those that suffered. What happened in 1998 can never be rationalize or justified in and under any circumstances.

I would have probably identified the fuckwit whatever ethnic or racial extraction he might have been. One bad apple always spoils the bunch.

I guess "petty" depends on who you are and what the "thing" is that we are discussing. For me it is not petty that this wanker shot my cat! Even moreso when it seems that this bloke has a history of shooting to death cats and that these cats are probably someone's pet!

Once again, for P2Kafe, I am not suggesting violence against Chinese Indonesians nor am I suggesting that violence be perpetrated by Muslims. I do think though that this fella needs to learn a few things about the treatment of animals and the neighbours that own those animals.

I would guess this clown would have a few problems with me if he owned pets and I started picking them off with a rifle through the fence.

Writer One...

I do understand your point of view and the reasons you find Brett's comments disturbing.

I am getting mixed signals on where to take this as the bloke is a long-term resident in the housing complex and well-connected apparently. I will keep you posted.

tere616 said...

What a crazy neighbour you have, where do you live actually ?

OMG, it's totally absurd. He didn't have the right to shoot the cat. You can not accept all of his mumbo-jumbo liar.

I thought it only happen in my neighbourhood, where I could not have a dog for my lil daughter. Just because our surrounding were moslem and they don't like dog play around them.

I live in the bloke where there's no fence.

But I couldn't believe it, it's totally absurd :-(

Rob Baiton said...


Here's the thing for me. It is not absurd in the sense I am sure in this fools sick and twisted mind he can rationalize a reason for his behaviour.

I don't have any kids yet and in a strange way my pets have always been my kids. They have been spoilt and lavished and doted on like a parent treats a child.

Then I got to thinking about tribal justice in Aboriginal communities in Australia and the justice afforded to the victims family and a good old spearing!

I guess I have some trouble getting my mind around the idea that the whole thing was a little bit of fun for him.

Perhaps an eye for an eye is indeed the way to go! Perhaps it is time for me to shoot something that he cherishes!

Anonymous said...

Rob, I understand that this might not be a "petty" thing for you as I also have a pet and I couldn't imagine what I would do if somebody shot my budgies.

But I was merely scared that this thing might incite / lead to bigger things if somebody did what dear brett had suggested earlier.

Maybe it's time to try the whole "hukum rimba" thing, like you said with the aboriginal law stuff.
but then again u should prepare for the consequences that if he's a powerful / well connected man, he would try to get back at you with full revenge.

Rishardana said...

Hi Pak Rob,
Sorry to hear about your pet. Yes if there's people who deserve to be hated are those who kills other people's pet. There are some people running around killing pet dogs to be eaten, and now shooting cats too ... these are some sick individual.

By the way, congratulation on the new home.

JSB said...

In this kind of situation, I'd like to see who --among those who call themselves members of the majority-- are big hearted enough to say something using their right mind pertaining to "not all Chinese Indonesians are cat killers."

Apparently, I'm still waiting. :(

I'm not gonna "defend" that sicko but if I defend my ethnicity, it would be "typical."


tere616 said...

Rob, I think that's a good idea, an eye for an eye.

Because I have once had a neighbour like yours, just because he didn't like the dog, then he shot the dog.

Couldn't agree more with you. That guy must be sick or maybe because he thought that he has power because of his wealth.

oigal said...

Brett was not being racist but telling the truth, The Cat besides the religious connection is also believed to be a lucky charm and woe betide the people and village that kill one (I know, I hate the bloody things but the stump removal program is done quietly and with as little suffering as possible..sorry Rab..prefer birds and lizards rather than vermin in my yard. But to openly kill one, thats asking for trouble..

Of course, we had big Goanna (Moniter)lizard in our yard camoe home one day to find the big tough next door neighbour had stoned it and were enjoying its death throws by burning it with cigarettes..First time I have used physical force with an Indonesian that day..stupid move but these f*cks!

Rob Baiton said...

JSB (AKA Jennie S Bev, right?)...

Not all Chinese Indonesians are cat killers. To suggest such would be ludicrous.

However, as I have said in my comments I decided to include the race of the perpetrator to make a point about how things can be manipulated for whatever purpose.

I would not have expected you to defend this clown. But I would hope that you would stand up and say, "hold on a minute, this bloke is an exception to the rule, no matter what ethnicity he is!", "not all people, Chinese Indonesian or otherwise are like this person!"

Defending yourself against the stereotype is a lesson all of us can learn something from. Perhaps if more people stood up against the FPI, then the stereotype of Indonesians being supportive of radical Islam could be dispelled.

I think you will see from my past postings that I am a passionate defender of many things and have written extensively on the insanity of the institutionalized discrimination that Indonesians who are classed as "keturunan" suffer even through to tioday, and particularly the ethnic Chinese Indonesians.

Once again,read the comments and you will see the thought processes that went into deciding to note this clown's ethnicity.


Thanks on the house moving front.

Yep, there are idiots everywhere!


An eye for an eye does not ultimately solve the problem but is likely to lead to an escalating vicious circle of violence.

My point was I can see where people are coming from when they advocate for such responses.


To be honest I do not think Brett was being racist either. It was an interesting point and highlights that even today and under the surface there are simmering tensions that can be manipulated into a flashpoint and into violence beyond our control.

I just do not get the sport in killing animals for fun. For food, right or wrong, I can understand.

rima fauzi said...

If I were you, I would jump him and beat him up. Torturing a harmless animal is just a sick thing that only cowards do.
he is a dickhead that should be confronted and slapped around a bit.
Poor cat, I'm on the verge of tears here. I had cats in Indonesia and dogs, and even when they bit me (in the taming process) I never hurt them back because simply, we are the ones with brains, and animals are creatures of instinct. But in your neighbor's case, it is apparent he doesn't have any brains or instincts.

therry said...

Chinese, Javanese, Manadonese...


There are jerks everywhere who like to torture animals because they're psychotic and pathetic people who are powerless with their own lives so they choose to bully those who are weaker than they are, and those who can't defend themselves.

If I were you, I'd go out in the middle of the night with six cans of Pylox in different colors and graffitied the fuck out of his fence!! LOL

Rob Baiton said...


I knew there was a reason why I liked you other than your blog and artistic skills, and now I know what it is! Graffiti is the best suggestion yet :D

I have photographed his house and was intending to post it and the address. But now it might just serve as a before the graffiti shot for comparison with the after graffiti shot :)


The thought crossed my mind and then I thought that it would end up with me in the slammer and the psycho dickhead cat killer laughing all the way to the bank so to speak!

I reported my concerns and problem with the clown owning a gun and firing it off over the fence to the coordinator of security at the complex and to the RT. I have a meeting with the RT on Saturday to discuss how things should proceed from here. Strangely enough I have been instructed not to bring along the better half to this meeting of the minds.

It is just a bad situation all around in terms of getting off on the right foot in a new place. We haven't even been there a week yet!

therry said...

LOL, thanx Rob.

Although if you do end up graffiti-ing his fences, he will do it back to you and the whole thing never ends. But it should be fun while it lasts!!

Other alternatives to try:
- scratch his expensive cars
- blow all his tires out
- throw dead rats to his house

Man, I can go on and on with these...

JSB said...

If you believe that you are such a defender of injustices, you wouldn't have included his race. This posting is not about race like you said and it shouldn't have included this part from the beginning. I hope you have kept a distance wide enough to see that.
Adding such information is unnecessary and won't be necessary. I know you are hurt by his action BUT it is the ACTION that you hate, not his race.
I defend injustices in my own way, Rob. And I don't need to "defend" myself in this area. Just read all my published articles and activism offline, you'd know. :)

Stay cool. Stay within the parameters. You are a legal professional who know better.

tere616 said...

Hm ... it seems to me that this issue spread to "race" issue.

I agree with JSB in term of that race issue, I mean you have to exclude the race and just concentrate to the Action.

In regards with an eye with an eye, yes, it will lead to other violence. But you should think to respons his lunatic action.

Am afraid that no one ever tell him that he's wrong.

Rob Baiton said...


With all due respect which generally translates to "with no respect at all", but in this case it is with respect because I have read some of your writings and respect your opinion and take on things. However, and perhaps, you should read my comments to see why his race was included.

Being blind to race does not mean that race does not exist. I am forever identified by my race while I am in Indonesia. So, in a most simple of senses why should I not identify the race of others. It is what it is, right?

It was not about hate. But, this is the thing - you see hate while I do not see hate in this equation. It is not about hating the person and it is not about hating Chinese Indonesians. In that sense it was not even about hating the act either.

The act was one of cowardice and the person who committed the act is a coward. He also happens to be Chinese Indonesian.

So, in that sense it is a fact and therefore it is what it is! And as a lawyer who should know better than to report the facts, I guess I will refrain from reporting the facts in the future.

The point of this post and the responses to it illustrate the idea that I have alluded to in other comments. Your comments actually fit into the parameters that I suggested the discussion might go in.

Your comment ends a little bit patronizingly don't you think? But I will refrain from patronizing you in the same way at this point.

I have read and continue to read your writings. This will not change because of this little spat.

This is the beauty of being able to express ones opinions - you have yours and I have mine! But I am thinking of turning the comments feature off though because I write primarily to humor myself than to humor or annoy others.

Rob Baiton said...


Race is not important to the act committed. However, it was included to illustrate a point. Although I am not sure that everyone has quite gotten their brains around that point yet.

Rob Baiton said...


Just read your post on the fallacy (stupidity) of equality. Although, the post here and the comments do not look at the issue from the point of view of assimilation in that very Star Trek Borg way the other points you make about the dangers of generalizing and stereotyping the actions of an individual to the whole are present in this post and the comments to it.

This is why I included this bloke's race to highlight how easy it is to manipulate one bad apple in a manner that spoils the bunch.

In reality his race is not critical to the action committed but it can be important to the response that arises as a result of it. In actual fact I could have given this bloke any race and generated a stereotypical response.

Anyway, no regrets on the post or the comments I have made. If people are offended then that is not necessarily always a bad thing. Exploring our sensibilities and what ticks us off helps us to learn a little something about ourselves.

Enjoy the weekend one and all!

Creepy said...

That is despicable behavior, harming a harmless, defenseless animal. I would have wrung his neck. A gutless coward like that should try shooting a large male human being in the ass, see how that works out for him.

Rob Baiton said...


At the risk of offending the sensibilities of my other readers.

My take was to beat the crap out of the fella, spray some cow or ox blood on him, then take him to the zoo and put him in a cage with the lions or tigers and see how he mixes it up with the bigger cats!

The act is/was despicable and cowardly. Yet, after lodging a report and complaining it seems that the general belief is that I should get another cat if it really is important for me to have a pet.

Such is life...it seems that I am being forced to assimilate to the Indonesia way. Unfortunately, for my neighbours that ain't gonna happen!

Jakartass said...

Hi Rob.

I don't have any pets, but animals seem to like my house. We've chit-chats a-plenty and the roof space has been the incubator for many kittens, but none, thankfully, want to permanently reside inside with us ....

I can see why you identified the ethnic background of your neighbour, and yes, I possibly share your bias, but for different reasons, one that you mentioned but hasn't yet been taken up by anyone.

Transpose a couple of sentences and you have the following:

This bloke has a really big house and is obviously loaded. He did suggest that he was operating under a different set of rules.

I once wondered why there were so many mansions along a main road. After all, if I had the money, I'd build my house somewhere quiet, away from traffic noise and pollution. The answer is obvious: many rich bastards are so insecure that they have to flaunt their appalling taste in architecture and design.

These folk have little concern for others and certainly need taking down a peg or three. Your big game hunting neighbour is dangerous. As you say, you were within a second of being shot yourself. Don't go the petty grafitti route, or succumb to tit-for-tat.

Make a complaint to the police (not forgetting to flaunt your work credentials). Having him charged with whatever Indonesia's criminal code allows should make him lose considerable face. And should make your neighbourhood a safer place for all to live in.

A couple of further points.
1. Has anyone checked the ethnicity of all those recently convicted of corruption?
2. Has anyone checked the ethnicity of all those connected with the ongoing bank scandals?
3. Having moved, are we to presume that you're sticking around for a while?

BTW. Isn't it strange that a post about hurting an animal gets more comments than any post about hurting people? Have we got our priorities right?

GJ said...

Sorry Rob, I fall into the swamp here with stumpy on the cat thing, but understand the harm to pets thing very well.
The religion-harming cat thing, who does all the tail snapping then????????? just wondering.

Rob Baiton said...


You presume right! With a kid on the way, it was decided to re-up for another 12 months or so.

Outing the bloke's race has sort of seen me cast as some kind of racist, although I am far from that. A careful reading of my comments clearly suggests otherwise.

The point on a cat killing post attracting more comments than a post on killing people is an interesting one and worth exploring, don't you think?

Nevertheless, to each their own in terms of whaat they might think might have motivated me to out this bloke.


I want to say that I am not surprised you are in the same camp as the Stump, but ...

Look killing pests and vermin is one thing. Killing animals for sport, I do not really understand the "sport" in a person with a gun against an animal.

But killing animals for fun and for one's cheap thrills is despicable.


I usually take an ojek to work but today it was pissing down so I took a cab. I am having this conversation with the cabbie not because I want to but because I am in his cab and he wants to talk - captive audience so to speak.

This fella then goes on to slag just about everyone under the sun off. Arab Indonesians, Indian Indonesians, the Betawi, Javanese, but not white folk (I guess out of deference to the passenger). Here I am thinking about this post and the flogging I took for identifying the clown that shot my cat as being Chinese Indonesians.

My experience is that Indonesians regularly indentify each other by their ethnic / racial origins. So, why should my identifying this numb nuts who shot my cat as being Chinese Indonesian any different?

Life is like a box of chocolates as Forrest Gump was known to say!

Anonymous said...

Rob, I just want to add one more comment. Sure it's about your cat, and not about the race, and no we're not keeping a blind eye to the whole racial talk and this post is supposed to be focused on how this scumbag treated your cat

but the problem is that you live in Indonesia, where the mere mention of the word "Cina" can bring trouble, if you know what I mean. It's not about you, it's not about other people but the word can provoke many ugly things and as much as you think brett isn't racist, his words are very true. There are people who would suggest things like what Brett said here, who would willingly burn your neighbour house for nothing (the fact that he shot your cat just add to the pleasure) so no matter how much things like religion and race should be excluded in the actions although mention doesn't apply in my beloved country.

Like what one of my readers said in my blog, we, the Chinese Indonesians are living in constant fear. Fear for people like brett here saying a stuff or people like you bringing up the subject that the culprit is indeed Chinese, because the problem won't be the culprit's own house that will be burned, but many others (perhaps) or will spread into a bigger thing. Sure you didn't mean anything but I beg you to understand my point of view that normal "laws" or "rule" don't apply in Indonesia, and that small talk like "hey, that Cina did this or did that" could lead to the sufferings of many others who are not involved and don't have any idea what's going on.

Just like what my sister experienced when she took a cab few weeks before the riot 98 in Jakarta (she's luckily residing in the safe Surabaya), the cab driver told her to keep her money, because she'd be burned anyway

....and that's why I think it's foolish to mention the race in the first place although you didn't mean anything but identifying him.

Rob Baiton said...

Writer One...

I guess we will have to agree to disagree, especially on the foolishness of mentioning his race.

In a strange way it is good that I did mention so that these divergent opinions on the matter can be voiced. It is sad that it took the shooting of my cat to trigger the discussion.

No one has broached the subject why a bloke living in a residential housing complex needs a high powered air rifle in the first place.

I guess the more pertinent question is, "if Chinese Indonesians are stil living in fear then what has to be done so that all Indonesians, no matter their race or religion or whatever, can live in peace and with a degree of security?"

If we, as residents, fail to ask and answer this question then the perpetual fear will remain.

Yet, there is nothing in your most recent comment that has not been covered in my earlier comments in response to the comments posted by others. I clearly make the point that the stereotype takes over and the one rotten apple spoils the bunch. This implies that the potential for the violence to get out of control and extend beyond the original target of it is almost certain.

Brett's comments are disturbing to you and to others because you know how true they are. My point here is that the trigger to violence here is a hair trigger with the most minor of things likely to set it off.

I do not know Brett in any shape, way, or form except by his blog and his comments around the traps. He does not strike me as a racist. Once again, his point is an interesting one for the way in which grievances can be manipulated for whatever purposes we want.

In the interest of fairness, if I am forever being identified as a khaffir by some and a reprehensible bule by others, isn't it then reasonable and fair for me to identify others based on their ethnicity or beliefs?

Just a thought!

Finally Woken said...

Rob, you have the right to knock on the guy's door and ask for his responsibility. First, he has to help you to locate the cat. Second, he has to pay for the vet or any other compensation you can think of. I know money is not the issue for you but he still has to be responsible for his act. If I were you I'd raise this issue to RT/RW. There's no rule saying you can't own pets. Plus the cat was in your house area and not his, right? It's trespassing. There was no evidence whatsoever that your cat is targeting the guy's birds. IF Smudges eats one of his birds I'm sure he'd torture your life forever. Don't let him get away easy. But do it nicely and cool so your other new neighbors know that you're the sane one, not the psycho cat killer.

Rob Baiton said...


Yep, you're right on the money on this. I have a meeting set up for Saturday morning to discuss all of the things you mentioned.

In spite of all the mean-spirited thoughts that bump around the inside of my noggin on this one. I am approaching it in a rational way. Tomorrow marks 1 week in this place. I am not treading carefully but rather more wisely.

I will state my case and see how it pans out.

The little puss was sitting on the fence. He shot it off the fence from a distance of about one meter. As an aside the bloke has no birds!

Nice is my forte when it needs to be :D

tere616 said...

Hm .. jakartass comment about Indonesia, were absolutely right.

The way we tease each other or our comment towards other always follow with the etnicity.

Anyway, will read your post of your nice and decent action of Smudge killer.

pjbali said...

Hi Rob

Sorry to hear about your cat. FYI I'm not a cat person and I have had several removed when they tried nesting in my house. But I just wanted to relate one story about the one time when I appreciated having a cat nearby. I was awoken one morning by my neighbors cat who was yowling at maximum volume. I crawled out of bed to investigate to find kitty up on the wall, back arched in extreme kitty anger/fear hissing at my motorbike. Turned out there was one of those very poisonous little padi-snakes had made its way from the sawah and had found a nice warm home on the engine block of my bike. Had the cat not alerted me I would probably never have noticed and would have received a nasty bite. Guess who was eating tuna later that day!

Rob Baiton said...


And probably enjoying the tuna too!

Amitz Sekali said...

First I must say that I like cat so much that I suspect myself being infected by toxoplasma..

I find it surprising that noone put some perspective into the neighbor behavior. I consider it a reflection of your blog readers demographic.

Anyway, let me be the devil advocate.

First, did he know that the cat had become your pet? Feeding it wouldn't count as an act of marking it as pet. From his perspective, he was basically shooting down stray cat, not your cat.

Chinese culture tends to be.. indifferent of cat, at best. Cat is almost like a nuisance. The more orthodox a chinese is, the more s/he considers cat as an equivalent of mosquito.. well, not that bad but you get the idea.

Your cat was making some noise.

I think your neighbour will be surprised on how you're making it a big deal. He probably won't feel guilty at all.

Rob Baiton said...

Amitz Sekali...

Perspective and the Devil's Advocate, a good combination!

About Chinese indifference to cats, I really cannot comment on as I do not know enough on the subject.

Maybe he is indifferent just because that is the type of fella he is and it has nothing to do with his Chineseness.

I only just moved in to this house, yes I used to feed the cat, and yes it was making some noise. However, I still have some problems with my neighbour shooting my cat.

I have had neighbours that have had barking dogs that found solace in howling at the moon at 3 or 4 am. But, I have gotta say that my first instinct was not to grab a rifle and go and shoot them.

Maybe he does not feel guilty and may be he is surprised that I am making a big deal of it. Yet, I do not really care all that much at either his guilt or his surprise.

It has become a bit of an issue in the broader community of the complex in which I live as most people were unaware that this bloke had a gun (it has been suggested he has guns, but I have only seen one so the rest is speculation as far as I am concerned). It has become an issue because people are concerned why this bloke needs a gun in a residential complex.

But thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Amitz Sekali said...

I guess what I want to say is that fellow is quite normal. A bit on the extreme side perhaps but not extraordinary.

I just realize that reference to his culture is actually not that important. The things is, in general, "un-globalize" (and particularistic, as opposed to universalistic, but it's another topic entirely) people are indifferent towards animal in general. That's why cruel behavior towards animal won't be scolded.

You can see people in rural area of Indonesia are cruel toward animal regardless of race. One of the cruel game I have encountered is putting rubber band around cat's neck. The game is to put the most rubber band without killing the cat.

It's somewhat strange.. if I interpret that rifle right, air rifle with pellet gun is not a big deal in Jakarta, at least 20 years ago. Air rifle can' really kill a person. Well, it can kill a person like a razor can kill a person..

You have a nice blog and you're very productive. :-)

Rob Baiton said...


Beg to differ on all points except for the identification of race. Once again, race was identified to prove a point and the point was proved.

There is nothing normal abput this fella for my mind. He is a coward. My point was not whether he was extreme but he is extraordinary. Simply, I would consider the majority of Indonesians to be ordinary when it comes to killing cats for fun, they just don't do it!

People are generally indifferent to animals, not so in my personal experience. The reason he fears no 'scolding' is because no one has stood up to him and said this kind of behaviour is not on.

The air guns of 20 years ago compared to the air guns of today are like comparing chalk and cheese, there is no comparison. But if you don't believe me then I am sure I can find someone willing to fire off a few slugs in your direction. A well placed air rifle shot can be fatal at close range.

Furthermore, just because no one has scolded this bloke does not make his behaviour right, does it?

The rubber bands and cat story is sad more than anything else. I really do not see where the fun is in slowly but surely killing a cat by strangling it with rubber bands. Amitz if you see the fun in that or you feel that that is acceptable behaviour, then we truly do inhabit different worlds.

A cat is a living creature and to kill cats for fun is abhorrent behaviour committed by cowards.

But, that's just my opinion!