21 September 2008

Ahmadiyya in Pakistan

Ahmadiyya in Indonesia has sort off gone of the radar since the issue of a Ministerial Regulation that to all intents and purposes bans the Islamic sect by prohibiting the ritual practices of believers and the violence perpetrated against people rallying in support of religious pluralism. The propensity for violence exhibited by some towards Ahmadiyya certainly needs no encouragement.

At the time in Indonesia there were videos posted on you tube of calls to jihad (some might argue that Jihad is not about violence but rather it is a personal struggle designed to bring a person closer to God) in order to exterminate the Ahmadi. However, in Pakistan this has gone one step further with Aalim Online presenter Aamir Liaqat Hussain, the former Federal Minister for Religious Affairs in Pakistan, calling the Ahmadi's "kaffirs" and deserving of being killed.

Within days, two prominent Pakistani Ahmadi had been murdered.

Interestingly, the show also airs in the UK, the USA, and Canada. I wonder whether broadcasting standards in these countries are tolerant of such incitement to murder over the public airwaves.

I wonder how Indonesia would deal with a popular TV presenter issuing a call to violence and murder or even genocide?

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