21 September 2008

Smudges and Alby

This is a photo of the (in)famous Smudges. When Smudges returned, he returned with another cat in tow. The other cat, now named Alby, is an even smaller kitten than Smudges, and he probably needs a bath as well.

Smudges is the cat in the front and Alby is the little bugger at the back who looks like he is dead, but really is fast asleep.


treespotter said...

they live a high risk life, probably needing the rest.

They look like they need food.

Rob Baiton said...

Maybe they are skinny because of the stress of a high risk life.

They probably just need to be fattened up over time. They have eaten 3x today already.

jaka said...

Have you checked them to a vet? Probably they have worms inside.

Perhaps you can also contact "kopisusu2" blog owner (just ask "Oom Google"), since she has experinces in handling street cats.

Rob Baiton said...


Probably on the worms front!

Not yet on the vet front. Normally, the vet comes to us :D He then recommends going out to buy tablets. So, I am going to the pet shop tomorrow to buy some anti-worm tablets (and a couple of flea collars).

Thanks for the Kopisusu2 tip. I will be sure to check it out.