07 September 2008

The Indonesian Elections

I have been planning on writing a few things about the coming Indonesian elections and the most likely presidential candidates. It is a topic that is frequently discussed in the circles in which I roam and it is a topic that some people have been trying to encourage me to write about. As a matter of fact I was chatting to the Treespotter at 03.00 this morning on this very topic. He has posted an introductory piece here. My concern is whether I can pull off what will surely be a rant as some kind of op-ed piece? I am not sure that I can or that I will, but then again should I really care? After all it is my blog, they are my opinions, and I am what I am!

The proposal is to write a series of rants on prospective presidential candidates. The posts are not really designed to be authoritative in terms of referencing. They will though include things that I have heard around the traps and that are on record (some journalistic integrity).But, mainly the pieces will be personal opinion (rants) as I see the events of our times.

I do not have that many readers, but I am sure that I will undoubtedly offend some of you.

Happy Reading all the same!


tere616 said...

Why you have to bother others opinion. It's you and their rights to say what is in their mind.

Its good to know your opinion of Indonesian Elections, who knows that we have the same thought about The Indonesian Elections.

Waiting forward for your post of Indonesian Elections :-)

Rob Baiton said...

Not so much bothered...but I am sure there are some die hard fans out there who are going to be a little disturbed by what I write.

My guess is most people won't ever read or hear about what I write. I am a realist and my stats indicate that there are not that many people out there reading what I write :D

tere616 said...

Am eager to read your rants :-D

Rob Baiton said...


I am going to write on SBY next.

Hopefully, I will get around to it later tonight. I am a little busy at work right now :D