11 September 2008

A Happy Cat Story...

This story is the reason that I walk back to our old house every night of the week.

This is a story about Dixie. Dixie is a cat who went missing in 1999. Her devoted owners, the Delaney family (I am guessing that the photo is of Dixie and Mrs. Delaney) thought that their beloved pet had been killed, most probably run over.

However, to there great surprise Dixie has returned some nine years later. She is no longer the sprightly 6-year-old that she was when she disappeared. But, by all accounts apart from being a little skinny and disheveled Dixie is doing OK.

Dixie had a microchip inserted so it was as simple as scanning the chip to recover all the necessary information need to track down the owners. The wife and I were planning to get both of our dogs, Chockie and Unyil, microchipped unfortunately they were poisoned before we got the chance to do that. And little Smudges would have had to be microchipped in order to get into Australia.

Strangely enough, Dixie was found only a couple of kilometers from where she disappeared.

If only cats could talk in a language that we can understand. The story would most likely be a best seller.


tere616 said...

Can you do the microchips thing here ? I doubt it. The microchips will useless, not because of the cat killer but because of the cat habits, going to their friends house just to check the possibilities to stay there :-D

Elyani said...

@Rob: what a nice story to start a day.

@Lalita: I first thought cats are not as smart as dogs when it come to navigating places. But my cat Suneo knows where his house. Well I don't let him go too far though, but I noticed when he feels insecured meeting people he does not know outside..he will quickly return to my place. He is also meowing loud enough so I know he wants to get in. In some ways he is like a dog in a cat body. He wags his tail a lot too. My niece said perhaps my late dog Fatso guided Suneo from the pets heaven...LOL!

Rob Baiton said...


On the microchips, my understanding is that you can get it done here. In select places I am told. I never really enquired as to where these select places were located.

However, when we were thinking of heading back to Australia the dogs would have had to do 6 months quarantine in Singapore. We would have had them microchipped in Singapore.


You're welcome on the story.

I do not know about whether cats are as smart as dogs.

My wife thought that Smudges was the reincarnation of one of our dogs as he had all of the same personality characteristics.

True or not, it is a comforting thought.

tere616 said...

Rob : Yesterday we had a dicsusion of that kind of microchip for our new program then my friend mentioned about that chip, then as usual suddenly my mind flew to your Happy Cat Story.

The answer, yes, we can find it here but for business purposes. It would be nice if we can buy for non business purposes.

BTW, sorry for taking yours to reply Elyani's comment. I have a lot of dogs when I was a kid, and never have a cat.

But it's quite interesting to know how Fatso can reincarnate to Suneo's body, like human :-D

Rob Baiton said...


No drama...feel free to comment and respond to whoever you want :D