20 September 2008

More on Parenthood

Every Saturday the Wife goes to an exercise / information class for pregnant women. We had initially hoped that this would be a joint class but unfortunately it was not, only women can attend. So, I now spend Saturday mornings at home instead. This also means that I can waste more time on the Internet and blogging.

Yet, I can spend the time looking for "how to" and "tips" on how to be a good father.

As the excitement builds so does the fear factor.

Always fun though.


Silverlines said...

That is strange ... MMC and Bunda hospital do allow the partner to be in the class, they even encourage them to attend.
At least that's what I remember.

Rob Baiton said...

Mitra Keluarga West Bekasi.

We figured the same in that it would be encouraged for the partners to attend, but were sadly mistaken on that one.

tere616 said...

You go to that hospital ?

Sorry, I loose my faith to that hospital :-( Have you asked the doctor ? or maybe he has any suggestion ?

Rob Baiton said...


Do tell! About why you have lost faith.

This was the doctor's suggestion. We just assumed when he made it that it would be for both parents.