12 September 2008

Time Heals All Wounds

I wonder does time heal all wounds or does time just lessen the pain into something tolerable?

This is a personal musing post.

I still miss my dogs, and the recent run in with the neighbour shooting my cat has heightened those feelings of loss. Smudges, the cat, has failed to reappear as yet. I walk back to the old house every night just to see if the little fella has made the trek back there. It is not too far back to the old place, about 700 meters or so.

I think about Chockie, Unyil, and Smudges everyday. It is strange but the dogs in particular had been like children for me. I will soon be a father to a son in a few short months.

The missus has a few photos of the dogs on her mobile and these caused a few tears last night and today.

Perhaps the healing is in the ability to focus on and remember the good times.


Amitz Sekali said...

Rob, FYI,

Stray cat location usually has a schedule, that is it occupies certain territory in a certain time of the day. Aggressive attack on a cat on a particular time of a day will make it stay away from that place at that time of the day.

Based on the above, at the particular time of the day the cat was shot plus/minus x hours, it will be near your place.

I hope it helps.

Amitz Sekali said...

To make it clear, that means at the particular time of the day the cat was shot plus/minus x hours, the cat will be at a territory adjacent to your home.

You need to be quick before the cat territorial choice change too much.

Rob Baiton said...


A mathematical analysis of cat movements, wow!


Elyani said...


I can understand how hard this is right now for you!! It is people like you that give Chocky/Unyil/Smudge a second chance!! How long has it been since Smudge been shot by the idiot neighbor? Have you tried looking for him by bicycle around the neighborhood? Pets are like family members. When my dog Fatso passed away last year, I didn't go jogging for 6 months as every street and corner in the neighborhood would remind me of him. I had him for 11 good years (took him when he was 2, abandoned by an ignorant). Sometimes hearing the sound of thunder or heavy rains made me teary coz he was terrified of both. I still have his pics in my computer and cellphone screen saver. You can view his pics right here :

Rob Baiton said...


Don't have a bike. I walk around, it might be a little slower but that is not always a bad thing.

Funnily enough our dogs were the same with thunder and lightening. Chockie would tend to hide under stuff pillows, sheets, chairs, tables anything at all. Unyil on the other hand preferred to be picked up and snuggle (trembling like an alarm clock shakes).

So when it thunders we tend to remember them both.

I will check out the photos of Fatso later today.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I can totally connect because I own Atun and Aba as well. And they are my children, my love, and the only beings I miss whenever I go travelling. Visit my blog, there are these cute doggies there.

That shmuck needs to get his ass shot.