07 September 2008

Schapelle Corby -- Transfer Refused

The Department of Law and Human Rights has officially rejected a Corby request to move to the Bangli Prison. The Bangli Prison is still in Bali but it is closer to the Australian Consulate in comparison to Kerobokan Prison. The other feature of the Corby request was that one of the reasons was her deteriorating mental health.

By all reports Corby's mental health is still precarious. This may or may not be true. Nevertheless, the manner in which the rejection is characterized is certainly not going to be of any assistance in improving the Corby depression.

The basic reason for the rejection is that she has not served a long enough portion of her sentence. It seems that if she had served 3/4 of her sentence then the request might have been considered favourably. This comment suggests two things; the Department is not going to provide any preferential treatment to Corby and that they expect her to do her sentence in Bali.


oigal said...

And she has the media in Australia and her idiot legal advisors to thank for that...

Did she really think that calling the Judges monkeys would help her in the long run (ok she didn't but the mass hysteria, her flunkies generated did)

Consider the oz model who was busted...where is she now..

Shhh..keep your mouth shut..place a rag on your head and slip some packaged justice to those that count..(of course..helps it you get busted with someone important)

Rob Baiton said...


Funny you should mention Michelle Lee. I was having a conversation with someone recently about her arrest, detention, and release!

Mercedes Corby certainly didn't do sister any favours in recruiting the legal team that she did.

Ben said...

Couldn't help but noticed that you wrote a lot about corby. One of our intern actually googled schapelle corby in this blog only and it returned more than 400 results.

You must be in love.

I wonder what Mrs Rab has to say about that :)

(sorry mate. Just kidding around as usual.)

Rob Baiton said...


Really? 400? I would not have thought that many...We call it the "Corby Report" at work and I am famous for the updates :D

In love? Hardly...it is an interesting story and the legal issues I find interesting as well.

On Mrs. RAB, I do not know how she feels about it. I will ask and report :)

I know on the kidding part.