14 September 2008

A Question of Tea...

If any of you are wondering why I am still up and posting at 02.40 on a Sunday morning, then the answer is probably not anything like you may imagine. I am an old man and fell asleep during the afternoon hours and woke up about 22.00. I will get tired again and then log off and get more beauty sleep.

Onto the post. I drink green tea because it is good for you. The advertising tells me so. It is apparently full of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are the scavengers of free radicals. All this scientific analysis seems to me to equate to a really simple deal, drink more green tea and live longer.

Having knocked off three Belgian beers, which has confirmed that I am getting old as I think I have that happy little beer buzz thing going. Yes, it is sad, three beers and I feel the need to drink green tea flavoured with Moroccan mint. I have gotta say at this juncture that the tea tastes pretty good as well. I think I still prefer the beer but I could definitely get used to the tea.

Nevertheless, I have a question about the benefits of green tea. I tend to drink my tea without sugar, although sometimes a good dose of honey makes it into the mug. I am wondering though are the benefits of green tea countered by the amount of sugar one adds to the mug. I ask this because I ordered a green tea in a restaurant (yes there were a variety of teas on offer for the connoisseur of tea) and it came to the table in the Javan style. This is not a criticism of Javanese it is merely noting a tendency to eat and drink sweet things. It is kind of like Padang being the capital of spicy foods.

Simply, are any benefits that might be derived from green tea lost to excessive amounts of sugar which will probably lead to insulin intolerance and the onset of type 2 adult diabetes (what a cheery thought)? Maybe the answer is somewhere out there in cyber space, perhaps I should go and find out for myself.


treespotter said...

not because you're planning some mischief with other strange ppl on the net then?

Rob Baiton said...

Like world domination or something similar?

tere616 said...

Love the way both of you tease each other :-D

Here's my 2 cents, maybe bcoz Javanese (no offense) tradition in their food which make them put a lot of sugar in their tea. Different with Sundanese, their tea is bitter, no sugar at all.

Or maybe because their tea taste is different with Chinese tea.

But I think the sugar follow with the tradition.

Well, am not Javanese or Sundanese, but I like sweet, and it follows with sugar in my tea, not as sweet as javanese. Except for chinese tea, the sugar will damage my taste of Chinese tea.