03 October 2010

Wahoo Premium Ale...

I am not sure whether I am going to be able to find 30 beers in my local bottle shop or in Woolworths that I am going to be able to review. But, every one needs a dream. After all, it is our dreams that keep us alive. So, with the dream in mind, I present my next review, Wahoo Premium Ale.

Gage Roads Brewing Co. out of Palmyra in Western Australia is responsible for this brew. It is a premium ale with an alcohol volume of 4.6%.

Cracking the bottle provided immediate access to some really refreshing lime aromas, perhaps a little citrus overall. I was thinking of pouring the beer into a glass, but let's face it I am a bottle kind of a fella. So, straight out of the bottle it was.

The malt and hops in this beer are understated. There was no lingering bitterness at all, which is not necessarily always a good thing.

The most memorable thing about this beer was the bottle that it came in. It was not the worst beer that I have ever tasted (Bali Hai has a mortgage on that title for the foreseeable future) however it was not a beer that said, "try me, again and again and again".

The artsy photo is all mine, including the Ted Hughes book of poetry, Birthday Letters (my current reading material).

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