19 October 2010

Freedom for West Papua!

Freedom for West Papua is long overdue!

This post contains graphic footage of torture. Do not click play if you do not want to watch the embedded video.

The Act of Free Choice was nothing more than the granting of an open cheque book to Indonesia to rape and pillage the natural resources, and the people, of West Papua.

The Act of Free Choice was a farce then and remains a farce now. So, to stand idly by and let the universal, and may I add basic, human rights of our brothers and sisters in West Papua to be stripped away without fear or retribution is a sad indictment on all of us as people, as human beings.

You want to see, and understand, why this bothers me so...herehere, here, and watch the graphic torture footage.

I would like to know how this video footage came into the public domain. But it looks real, and I am sorry, but there is nothing that justifies this, absolutely nothing.

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