25 October 2010

Mount Merapi...

Fire Mountain...

Back in 1993 I lived in Condong Catur in Yogyakarta for a couple of months. It was the first time I had ever been to Indonesia. I lived in the shadow of this really impressive mountain called, Merapi. I will have to dig through my photo albums and scan a few of the images I have. Meanwhile, I will make do with these ones that I borrowed from the internet.

Mount Merapi is in the news of late. The vulcanologists are suggesting that a rather large eruption is imminent. The evacuations have started. There is a 10-kilometer exclusion zone around the mountain.

When I zoomed in on the map I was able to locate the little gang (lane way) that I lived on. I stayed in a "home stay". Although, I have now lost touch with the family that put me up all those years ago, I remember them fondly. They were instrumental in setting me on my way with learning Indonesian.

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