05 October 2010

Blog Statistics...

I had been using this thing called "Statcounter" to see how many people were dropping by The RAB Experience. It also showed what people were looking for. I still use this program because the basic model is free. I guess, if blogging was a more serious commercial venture for me then I might consider upgrading to a more comprehensive deal that tells me more "stuff".

However, because I have opted to use Blogspot as my blogging platform I can access a basic array of statistics through the blog itself. In a similar vein to statcounter, it tells me all manner of things as well, including who is coming to The RAB Experience and what they are searching for.

It is one of those searches that prompts this post.

While I was checking out who was looking at what I came across this (the screen capture is courtesy of Picnik):

I cannot read the Arabic, but the English search terms are pretty clear "japan porn stars". I am wondering whether the Arabic is indicative of the search originating in an Arabic speaking country using Arabic language servers? If so, then why don't they filter for objectionable content? In the sense that terms like porn stars would filter out suspect sites? Just to be clear, I do not consider The RAB Experience to contain any objectionable content. All the content is appropriate for the topics being discussed and to illuminate points within the relevant discussions :)

I only ask because Indonesia under the stewardship of Susilo Bambang "Mr. Tolerance" Yudhoyono and Tifatul "No Porn" Sembiring there has been a definite lurching towards the 'need' to ban all things porn-related by filtering objectionable content. I am sure The RAB Experience is safe (I will start to wonder if my good mate, Harry, from Multibrand ceases to comment, assuming that he is not commenting because he cannot access my humble internet abode).

To avoid any confusion. Arabic is the language of the Al Qu'ran, and Sura of the Al Qu'ran are often cited as stating unequivocally of the evilness of porn and the damage that it can wreak. The assumption that I make in this post is that the Arabic is indicative of the search taking place, or at least through a server, in a country where Islam is practiced.

Ho hum...

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