09 October 2010

Barefoot Radler...

The Barefoot Radler is as the name suggests a Radler style beer. Uh huh? I hear you muttering. Unless of course you are German then you would probably know that radler is just German for what us folks in this part of the world call a shandy. In other words, it is beer mixed with some sort of carbonated soda, such as lemonade (sprite if you prefer). This Barefoot Radler was infused with some natural lemon and lime. My guess is that radler is used in preference to shandy as a marketing tool and a means of ratcheting up the price.

I bought a bottle of this down at the local bottle shop. It was not recommended by the staff or anything amusing like that. Rather it was a simple case of, "this looks a little different, might give it a try" and then grab bottle, go to counter and pay.

The lemon and lime aromas are full on, maybe the correct term is intense. The lemon and lime flavours are overpowering. So much so that you do not notice the alcohol at all. It really is as simple as crushing a can of Solo or something similar. In fact, I would argue if you want lemon or lime infused beer, then buy a full strength beer and infuse it with a lemon or lime of your own.

The marketing for this beer is that it is "phenomenally refreshing". I would agree that it is refreshing, particular when it is real cold, but I am not sold on the phenomenally part. This beer just was not up to expectation, and that was even the case knowing that a radler in essence meant that I was drinking a 4.2% alcohol volume shandy.

The Barefoot Radler is brewed by the Barefoot Beverages out of Thebarton in South Australia. I am reliably informed on the bottle that the beer is "carbon neutral", so if you are looking to decrease your carbon footprint through your beer consumption then this might be the beer for you!

I do not think that I will be buying this beer again.

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