27 October 2010

Tifatul, Where Is The Red Nose and Over-sized Shoes?

Tifatul Sembiring (aka TitS) is not one to miss an opportunity to take the tragic outcomes of a natural disaster and use it to inflict more pain and suffering on those who have already lost so much. The question needs to be asked, "why is this clown still a Minister?" He is an embarrassment as a minister, he is an embarrassment as a man, and he is undoubtedly an embarrassment to Indonesia.

When SBY makes it back form Hanoi after having left early from an ASEAN Summit to deal with the natural disasters of late that have plagued Indonesia, one of his earliest pieces of business after visiting the various disaster zones in Mentawai in Western Sumatra, Mount Merapi in the Yogyakarta area and the flooded areas of Jakarta should be to fire TitS.

The idea that these natural disasters are an opportunity to comment on the sinfulness of the community at large and that these disasters are nothing more than God's way of settling the score is something one might expect from the Westboro Baptist Church. The very idea of a vengeful God runs counter to the basic tenets of all religions, doesn't it?

But, as TitS is prone to do, his fingers got into gear way before his brain and out goes the Tweet that says to the effect “if they deny Our verses, then we will curse them for whatever (sins) they commit”. What exactly does that mean Mr TitS? Does that mean innocent men, women and children are being punished because of pornography or does it mean that if Indonesia does not become an Islamic state where there is 100% adherence to the faith that this is tantamount to "denying 'our' verses" and leaving God no option but to kill people at will through natural disasters?

The first Tweet that I saw from TitS was one that suggested those in need could contact certain organisations for assistance. Another was about those wanting to donate could do so through the Indonesian Red Cross (I think). However, it was only a matter of time before this religious oriented Tweet was made. Once again, TitS disappointed in his inability to exhibit any self control. If he truly believes that this is a case of a vengeful God settling the score, then so be it. He does not need to Tweet that and add to the pain and suffering already out there in the community.

The eruption of Mount Merapi claimed the life of her spiritual protector, Mbah Marijan. So, TitS, what was his sin?

Having perused the news I discovered that TitS is not the only one connecting these natural disasters to matters of religion. Din Syamsuddin, Head of Muhammadiyah, has also suggested that Indonesia's leaders introspect and think seriously about the sins of the nation.

Just as an aside. If these are connected to sin and God is being pro-active in making them happen, then they are not really natural disasters but part of the intelligent design of an all powerful God. So, maybe they are not natural disasters but God disasters?


Multibrand said...

Hi Rob,
When it comes to connecting actual life and religion, Din Syamsudin, used to be a Golkar man, is not different, perhaps even worse than Fifatul.
The problem with both of them are they are politicians as such they'll say and do anything to get into and maintain power. The ugliest thing is that they are using religion.

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

As always, insightful!

I was actually thinking of a word a little stronger than ugly.

It is this sort of thing that contributes more to misunderstanding than anything else.