01 October 2010

Men as Sexual Objects...

Nah, whoever would have thought that there would be a little balance placed back into the ledger of men and women behaving badly. A young woman, and recent graduate of Duke University, has placed a list of her sexual conquests online. Her exploits include 13 young men of some [former] repute, who I am quite sure were not so willing in the take my photo and critique my sexual prowess online participants stakes. However, this might be a lesson in taking a moment or two to think about where your next hook-up might end up.

The list, which is eloquently described as a thesis, "An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics", to satisfy the completion for the award of a degree in horizontal academics, has gone viral. You can see the list over at Jezebel. I went to college just up the road at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, so some of the bars and other places of interest noted in this thesis are places that were around back in 1992 when I was there (yes, punters and friends, I am that old).

The beauty of this list is that it shows pretty clearly that, there are at least, some women out there who critique men on their attractiveness, penis size, and abilities with the other appendages they possess (is the tongue an appendage?). It was particularly nice to see that an Australian accent rated highly on the suitability stakes. This means that there are genuine hopes for all Aussie fellas out there roaming the college campuses of America in search of a hook-up.

On a serious note. There is nothing funny about this list. There is nothing worthwhile in even thinking about putting it together in the first place, let alone putting it together and then seeing it published online. It says a lot more about the woman who did it than the men who fell victim to her "research". Interestingly, the vast number of research subjects targeted were members of the Duke Lacrosse team.

I guess the question that needs to be posed now is, "Is what this young woman did wrong?"

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