01 October 2010

Little Creatures Pale Ale...

This beer, according to the bottle, is out of the Little Creatures Brewing Company of Mews Road, Fremantle, Western Australia. The bottle also tells me that it packs a nice 5.2% alcohol volume or the equivalent of 1.4 standard drinks. In other words, just drinking two of these excellent beers is going to put me at the safe driving limit (as I recall it is like 3 standard drinks), but the best policy is to not drink and drive at all (good thing I am sitting at home then).

First things first. I really enjoyed this beer. I quite enjoyed taking it slow and trying to work stuff out. Stuff being what sort of things that I could say about it that would make it look like I knew what I was talking about.

The aroma and taste of the beer was flowery (in beer speak, it had a floral aroma so I have learned) and sweet. It was nothing like the Tooheys Old which was the last beer I can remember drinking. The beer was also fruity in a citrus kind of a way. The flavour that I picked up most was grapefruit (I drink grapefruit juice for breakfast). The malt and hops were noticeable but not overwhelmingly so.

However, it is worth noting that the taste lingers for some time after you finish the bottle. The ending taste is a little bitter, but in a good way. I really wish I had bought two, as I would have immediately opened another.

I would recommend this beer.

Thus endeth my first foray into beer reviews. Not good, I know. But, one has to start somewhere...I will learn my trade over time.

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