19 October 2010

Independence and Real Free Choice for West Papua!

I have West Papua on my mind today.

I am guessing it is because the news of the past 24 hours with the release of further graphic footage of abuses perpetrated on West Papuans that defy even the most basic standards of dignity and respect for our fellow human beings really bothers me.

But on a brighter note, here is George Telek singing of freedom for West Papua.

Available on YouTube.


H. Nizam said...

Hi Rob,
Previous fighting against rebels in Aceh (and East Timor) have shown that torture has not been effective.

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

Yes, torture does not work. It might kill or maim and scar psychologically for life those who are the immediate victims of it, but ultimately it hardens the resolve of those who remain to succeed in the fight.

It also brings to the table the empathy of those in the world who have been victimised in similar struggles for freedom. I brings sympathy from those who can never understand the lack of humanity to one's fellow human beings.

It does not work and it will not work in this instance either.

On a tangent. Indonesia has signed onto the Torture Convention, but has failed to ratify it to date. Perhaps, in light of the videos that have come out of West Papua over the past few months, now would be a good time for Indonesia to make good on its intention and ratify the convention.

On a tangent, yet again. There is chatter in cyberspace, and probably elsewhere, that the video is all part of an elaborate conspiracy to ratchet-up pressure on Indonesia and to garner sympathy for the West Papuans. It would seem that the next logical step to put these suggestions to bed would be a full-scale investigation into the video and its content, don't you think?