26 October 2010

Breastfeeding and Facebook...

Seeing we are on the topic of breasts and their gratuitous, and perhaps pornographic exposure to the masses, I add this contribution by that self-appointed arbiter of all things decent and art-related, Facebook.

It would appear that Facebook has deemed the photographs taken by Melbourne based photographer Christopher Rimmer as being inappropriate for children. I am no artist in residence, even on my own blog, but in the art and porn stakes, these photos are so art.

It seems that the Zuckerberg afficionados have been taking themselves a little too seriously in Facebook land. They might want to peruse their fiefdom a little more and have a look at what is out there and go all out on this censorship crusade that they are on.

In the meantime, you be the judge!

This photo was pulled off the essential baby website.

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