09 October 2010

Skinny Blonde Low Carb Beer...

I have never been much of a low carb anything, and certainly not a low carb beer. I think it was because I was traumatised as a young man when living and educating in the US of A at the University of North Carolina a t Chapel Hill. Great basketball school; nothing like hanging out in huge long line in the cold to get student tickets for a game against Duke in the Smith Dome. Go Heels!

But, I digress. Low carb beer in the US combines with low alcohol...it is very much a drinking the proverbial "cat's ...". However, the beauty of Australia and Australian low carb beers is that they come in full alcohol volume strength. So, less carbs and full strength. At 5% the Skinny Blonde is not a powerful brew, but it is a good drink.

The beer itself is the result of a couple of fellas sharing a few beers over a foosball game down Bondi Beach way. The fellas responsible obviously said something along the lines of, "bugger this for a joke, we can make better beer than this! In fact we already do with our home brews! We should go into business!" The rest they say, is history - Brothers Ink was born along with the Skinny Blonde.

I am not sure whether I should be reviewing the beer or the bottle. Let's start with the bottle. The label is that of a 1950s pin-up chick named Daisy. The most interesting part of Daisy is that when the bottle is cold Daisy is fully clothed. But, this is the fun part...as the bottle warms up so does Daisy, and her gear starts to come off. The hotter she gets the more gear that comes off. So, if anyone out there has wondered what that new trend was, it is Daisy getting rubbed up. No more beer label peeling now!

That was just the front label. The back label states that Daisy is unequivocally a natural born blonde with no preservatives or additives, no liposuction, no botox, and no breast augmentation. Now, if that does not convince you to drink this beer, then I am not sure what will convince you ;)

Ultimately, the label acknowledges that drinking the Skinny Blonde is not going to make you funnier, more charming, or even a great dancer. But, then again, they are in the eye of the beholder. I am always much funnier after a couple of beers (or when I finish my Masters Degree).

The beer itself is refreshing and probably a healthy alternative. There is not a lot of hops action and very little bitterness. It is probably at its best as a session beer. It is light so would work well with meat, maybe throw another snag on the barbie!

I reckon I will give the beer another shot in my fridge. The fading red bikini has nothing to do with it, I swear!


muebles en fuenlabrada said...

Oh my god, there's a lot of helpful info above!

Anonymous said...

wow this is one great low carb beer it taste refreshing and smooth taste its a great beer with or without the daisy label , about time a low carb beer taste good and at 5% alcohol im glad , everybody has to try this Skinny Blonde beer beats any us low carb beer , i swear i did not even know it was a low carb it taste that good