17 October 2010

Serial Killers Marrying Drug Dealers....

I am not sure that this is an only in Indonesia scenario, but this particular story is out of Indonesia. Yet, no matter, as the very idea is worthy of a blog post.

It appears that Verry Idham Henyahsyah, aka Ryan, who came to fame as a gay serial killer sentenced to death for the murder of 11 people, is not set to get married to a woman. It is all a little weird but, then again, not so weird. It is not unheard of gay men to marry women for myriad of different reasons. I think this is a little weird because Ryan was sentenced to death for his crimes and is awaiting execution in Kesambi Prison in Cirebon.

The weirdness for me is a personal one. I have never really understood why women meet, fall in love and ultimately want to (or do) marry men on death row. I guess I just need to read a little more widely, I am sure the literature is out there somewhere.

Ryan argues that marrying the recently released drug dealer, Eny Wijaya, fits his personal philosophy that marriages is the process of regenerating life. Maybe I need to read more widely on the nature and nurture debate as it relates to serial killers; are they born or bred?

The other reason Ryan feels it necessary for him as an openly gay man to marry a woman is that it would makes his mother happy. It seems Ryan's mum really wants him to get married.

Normally, people would want to wish you a long, happy, and fruitful marriage together, but I wonder what is the "right" thing to say to a fellow that is sitting on death row with respect to marriage? Let's face it, he might not know the exact date of his death, but Ryan does know that the final walk to the firing squad is going to happen, and it is going to happen sooner rather than later.

Ho hum...


LilredWriting said...

Amusing post, thanks! As for you question of WHY? There are many theories but most have to do with the psychological issues these women have. Almost all cases of infamous serial killers who marry, they are married to women with extremlely low self confidence and issues with their fathers.

Rob Baiton said...

@ LilredWriting...

My apologies for the delayed response.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on this one. I thought it might have inspired more comments, oh well!

Thanks for the answer to why. I had watched a few documentaries that have explored in varying degrees of detail the reasons for women taking the marriage plunge with serial killers, but having that knowledge and really "understanding" the why are two different things in my mind.

Besides, the "gay serial killer marries female drug dealer" is not a story I recall hearing before.

Once again, thanks for the comment!