10 October 2010

Maurice Gibb Watching TV From Beyond The Grave...The Bee Gees Live!

It pays to do your research, particularly if you do not want to look really foolish (in this case some might argue, stoopid). So, let's face it, there is not a whole lot one can do to cover up asking a twin about his dead brother, particularly when the dead twin has been dead for 7 years or so.

The interview by Stephen Dixon with Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees fame was covering some ground about an [alleged] affair that Maurice Gibb had with British actress Barbara Windsor of EastEnders fame.

The news of the alleged affair has only recently broken as a result of an interview given by Windsor recently. So, Dixon thinking he might get a scoop on the competition decided that it was worth quizzing Robin about whether his brother would be watching the story unfold on the TV.

Robin was a particularly good sport and, without breaking step, informed the poorly informed host that Maurice had in fact passed in 2003. Dixon in full cover up mode tried to pass this off as an honest mistake created by confusion as to just how many Gibb brothers there were. Ah, not that hard, there were four Gibb brothers and three of them were in the Bee Gees.

The beauty or treachery of live TV.

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