10 October 2010

Heading to Cootamundra for Practicum...

I am just finalising a month's worth of lesson plans for Advanced English and Modern History. Then, it is bed time. I will be leaving real early in the morning to head out to Cootamundra. I am doing my final practicum at Cootmaundra High School over the next four weeks, which also happen to be the first four weeks of the last school term in NSW.

To be honest, I am looking forward to the teaching. I enjoy teaching a whole lot. I most enjoy watching young people learn, particularly those "lights on" moments where it all clicks into place and the youngster finally gets it.

Funnily enough, I had a "lights on" moment today. I have been doing some work with a young fellow about to embark on his HSC, the defining end of high school moment for students in NSW. We have been working on English and Modern History. But, in the last 48 hours his English has gone from average to wow. And, it has been nothing more than re-arranging the pieces of the puzzle so that they are easier to spot. Hopefully, this carries over for him through the HSC exams.

But, I digress sort of.

In terms of blogging, I guess it will be a time thing. The place I am staying, the White Ibis, has a good wireless internet connection of reasonable speed. So, maybe I will log more or less unchanged. I am tending to think that I might have more time now than when I did while I was studying.

I will be sure to keep my loyal readers (and any others who only drop by because of the misleading "tags") updated and informed of the time in Coota.

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