01 October 2010

Fat Yak Pale Ale...

To be perfectly honest, this is not the first time I have enjoyed a Fat Yak. Last Christmas up Fingle Bay way the local pub had this fine pale ale on tap. I had never heard of it before, and figured I should give it a shot. I have not seen it since. Well, not until earlier this evening in that fine liquor store also known as Woolworths. So, I purchased a bottle for AUD 3.85 (or there abouts).

The Fat Yak Pale Ale is an Australian Pale Ale and it is produced by the Matilda Bay Brewing company. Matilda Bay is based over in Western Australia. However, the Fat Yak is produced in their Dandenong, Victoria, operation.

The beer is a reasonable 4.7% alcohol volume (or the equivalent of 1.3 standard drinks) and the bottle encourages the holder to enjoy it responsibly. I am enjoying it responsibly, and I could probably enjoy it responsibly over and over and over again.

The beer is supposedly brewed in a garage. My guess is that this is just a marketing myth that is designed to get people into the idea that the operation is small-scale and that the beer is truly unique and different from anything else out there being brewed in other micro-breweries.

The beer does not drink like it is loaded with hops, which is kind of surprising considering that the label says that it is loaded with the stuff. Yet, it did have noticeable hops and malt flavours. I really do need to drink more and learn more. The flavours were a little bit of a mish-mash for me. There were noticeable caramel-malt flavours. Also, there was some citrus flavours combined with a fruity aftertaste, passionfruit, I think.

I enjoyed the Fat Yak. I would have no qualms about drinking it again.

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