20 October 2010

Taco Bell Supporting the Regulation of Marijuana...

There are obvious reasons for Taco Bell to be supporting Proposition 19 otherwise known as the Regulate, Control And Tax Cannabis Act (2010). This proposition is on the 2 November 2010 ballot in the California election in the good ol' US of A. The proposition itself in effect legalises marijuana related activities and allows local governments to impose fees and taxes on those activities.

Now, Taco Bell is a Mexican fast food joint as a I recall. I have eaten there on the odd occasion. However, the place has a reputation for being a bit of a late night munchies joint. So, after a few beers, it becomes that perfect late night stop off point to feed those munchies cravings on the way home.

Therefore, it would make sense for Taco Bell to be supporting Proposition 19. Simply, it makes good business sense. Imagine what it could do for the bottom line!

As to the photo. I am not convinced that this is not someone with a sense of humour who has photo-shopped the original image. But, whatever the case, it is still pretty amusing. I would not have thought of doing it myself. Oh, by the way, this post is making no statement in support either way of the legitimacy of arguments for and against Proposition 19.

But, if it was, then it might consider why we as communities permit certain harmful products to be legal and other less or equally harmful products we go all out to prohibit and criminalise. For example, alcohol and tobacco have, and continue to do so, done incredible amounts of damage to our health and the fabric of our communities but they remain legal...go figure!

Once again, thanks to buzzfeed for the image.

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