09 October 2010

Blog Statistics...A Follow-Up!

It seems that I am getting a lot of visitors in search of Indonesian celebrities. The majority of these punters are combining the search term of "Indonesian celebrity" with terms such as "full-frontal", "nude", "naked", "pictures", "upskirt", "panties", and the like. So, for all you happy go-lucky punters out there, the next half dozen or so posts are for you. All the relevant search terms are going to be there for you. I will see you when you come back, time and time, again.


Hopefully, none of the more serious readers looking for substance and not "hot shots" of Indonesian celebrities will not be 'too' offended by this little interlude. If you are likely to be offended, then I encourage you not to indulge your curiosity and look!

Regular programming will resume shortly.

(All images in the succeeding posts are freely available on the internet)

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