05 August 2009

Will Meets His Uncle...

Will's mum is behind the camera on this shot. This is most of the Baitons. My sister was at work. With everyone busy it is a real logistical effort trying to get everyone to the same place.

We spent the day out and lunched at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. You can see that Will's uncle is pretty chuffed at finally getting to meet his nephew. I think Will was equally as chuffed about getting to meet his uncle for the first time as well.


GJ said...

Sorry Rob,

Missed this post first time round. The boy is certainly growing up, but dressing him in tights!!! Didn't they make a movie about men in tights.LOL
I bet the family are just loving being so close now. Enjoy every moment as they are so special.


Rob Baiton said...


They did! But the tights have been a good investment for the colder weather. Besides he seems comfortable in them :D

They are pretty happy about us being much closer by.